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Intrinsic Intelligence and CranioSacral Therapy

Life expresses itself as movement; The movement expression of vitality that can be felt by everyone in our body is breath and pulse. FThe deepest expression of our physiological existence is that healthy tissues are in a rhythmic movement similar to breathing. The production of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and its descent along the spine is one of the best examples of these deep movements.

Every tissue has its own rhythm of life expression. Trained and sensitive hands can listen to these rhythmic movements and understand how and to what extent this vitality and health are expressed in the body.

Even in the simplest ailments, we sometimes say, “I have lost my health,” whereas health never actually goes away; It is with us from the moment of fertilization until our last breath. Even in the most difficult and severe diseases, there is an expression of health in the body and it always works towards healing and regulation. There is actually a state of “knowing what to do” under the discomfort and pain that comes with the disease. In other words, each disease has its own treatment plan. The wisdom of the body always knows what to do, as long as we do not hinder it.

Let's look at an example; Imagine that your finger is cut a little deep, the veins going there first narrow so that blood loss is reduced. Coagulation begins with certain proteins in the blood. Then antibodies start to go to that area so that the open wound is not affected by germs. Finally, fibroblast cells come to the cut area and produce collagen, so that new tissue formation begins. Healing is completed in a time depending on the depth of the wound, and we begin to see new skin formation in the area where the incision was made.

Regardless of age, gender, race, climate, when there is a cut, the body's internal intelligence kicks in, and it's precisely in that order that the healing process kicks in.
The cut contains a plan for how it will heal.

This health that comes from our existence combines the forms and functions of all cells and tissues from the moment of fertilization to death and is always at work to provide the best possible balance and homeostasis, even in the most desperate situations.

A similar healing process applies to many diseases such as bone fractures and infections. In fact, in many cases where we do not interfere with the process, other than providing the ideal environment such as proper nutrition and proper rest, recovery can occur much more uninterruptedly and faster.

The body's inner intelligence always knows how to heal itself and can often execute this treatment plan perfectly. However, in very sudden or overwhelming load, in other words, in traumatic situations, the system may not be able to fully implement this recovery plan, since the entire priority of the system is to survive. Such conditions begin to manifest themselves in the long term with more chronic conditions such as pain, immune system disorders, and anxiety problems. “Where did this disease come from when there was nothing?” The basis of most of the situations we call may actually have been laid years ago at the time of an accident, fall or emotional trauma.

In such situations, the best support we can give the system is to make it aware of the trauma effect that has been stuck in the past and to help the health find expression there now. The body can only do this on its own, thanks to its inner wisdom. It is not possible to achieve a real and permanent recovery with medication, chemical, physical manipulation. Without knowing the person's system at all, focusing on disease rather than health, and without really listening to the body, any method can at best create relief from symptoms or a temporary state of well-being.

However, what the body's inner wisdom or self healer needs is to detect the deterioration that he could not recognize at the time of trauma and initiate the healing process, or that he could not continue the process that started because his current resources were not sufficient. As soon as he realizes this, the self healer's body, which works for healing under all conditions, begins the balancing and regeneration process at the most optimum level possible at that moment. The system, which is not dictated by someone else, does not force its limits, and does not even have to deal with a chemical load according to an accidental dose, will organize and heal itself in the way it knows best.

Healing and healing always come from within the system itself, and the body best responds to therapies and treatments that truly listen to it rather than manipulate it.

CranioSacral therapy is perhaps the most impressive of the healing methods that cooperate with the inner wisdom of the body. A therapy that emerged at the end of the last century, when Dr W. Sutherland discovered that the production of cerebrospinal fluid creates a rhythmic expansion-contraction movement in the meninges and skull bones, and it has become rapidly widespread, especially since 1980.

As I mentioned at the beginning, life expresses itself through movement, and the expression of this movement in our tissues is soft rhythmic movements similar to the tide of the sea. By listening to these rhythmic movements of different fluids and tissues in the body, especially the cerebrospinal fluid, with very light touches, the CranioSacral Therapist detects areas where health is fully expressed and where there are deteriorations and constrictions. The main purpose of therapy is to support the re-establishment and regulation of life-long impairments, immobility states or conditioned mind-body states and health.

A CranioSacral therapy session is performed while you lie comfortably on a massage table with your clothes on and lasts for 60-70 minutes. The therapist listens to the health of your system with soft touches whose weight does not exceed 5 grams and does not have a massage quality, and helps the body to regulate itself at points where health cannot fully express itself. Sessions are deep experiences that deeply relax the nervous system and remove the blockages that are the source of the disease rather than the symptoms that appear on the surface. You can start to feel the benefits of therapy as soon as you get up from the massage table, and you can observe the changes and expansions it creates in the days following the session.

About the Author:

Inspiration Help - CranioSacral Therapist

He graduated from METU Psychology. He has been practicing CranioSacral Therapy in different countries for 8 years and assisting his teachers. In addition to taking basic shamanic initiation, she has Vinyasa, Yin and Yoga therapy teaching and Thai massage certificates. He has been working as a CranioSacral Therapist in UAE, Indonesia, Thailand and Turkey since 2010. He has completed his biodynamic education and continues to the advanced levels of Upledger education. 


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