Everything That Will Make You Good In Your Hands

It is clear that we are exposed to so much stress that we are not aware of. When and how they will come out of us is a big unknown. Harsh living conditions and being stuck in cities, fear of earthquakes, economic concerns, burnout or feeling of inadequacy; Before the pandemic, it made its presence felt at different rates in almost all of our lives. Specialist Psychologist Zaza Yurtsever underlined in an interview that we try to live with the traumas we have acquired or come from the past, to suggest that a trauma center should be established almost every 500 meters in Turkey. Along with the pandemic, this picture brought with it dozens of unexpected worries and stresses reflected in daily life. In the last six months, we have woken up to an economy that we don't know how it will be again, a world where freedom is as simple as traveling, and a great concern for the future.

So, is it to stop and let it flow while all this is going on, or to get rid of this stress by doing something on the one hand? Meet Paul Emery to do something for yourself and witness real change from where you sit. Emery helps you get rid of your discomfort with a technique that is as simple as you can think of. Moreover, he presents this technique to you. When we first spoke to him and he explained the technique to me, I doubted that I would experience real change, perhaps because it seemed too simple. Days passed; When I look back, the trauma we worked on was no longer there. Thanks Paul! This article is to bring you closer to those who want to change themselves a little bit…

So why are we so sensitive, can a touch change everything? Do you know that our tears are actually a kind of body's self-healing mechanism? If we look at your face as a warm touch, could tears be healing you by touching you? The creator of The Havening Techniques, which Emery has used in his therapies for many years, Dr. Ronald Ruden is an alchemist who has translated advances in neuroscience into healing methods for the past three decades. Using neuroscience to treat illness, Ruden offers methods that use touch as a tool to counteract the consequences of stressful or traumatic events.

Paul Emery, whom I met through Richmand Nua Wellness, is actually a therapist who set out to heal his own traumas, found Bangkok as his home, and shares his experiences at world-renowned detox centers such as Chiva Som. And his approach is very simple: Everything that will make you good is in your hands. Emery, who received the "World's Best Spiritual Therapist" award in 2010, is also the founder of QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release). We can say that he is applying a method in which he gathers the techniques he has worked so far.

What should we do?

  • With your eyes closed, for 30 seconds, think of a problem that bothers you or a memory you no longer want to remember.
  • As you think about this problem, consider how much it bothers you and give a score between 0 and 10. Let 0 represent completely uneventful for you and 10 the most disturbing level possible.
  • With your eyes closed, gently rub your forehead and cheeks from the center outward as if you were washing your face.
  • In the meantime, imagine that you are taking a walk on a beautiful beach where you take 20 steps. Count your every step out loud; Keep rubbing your forehead and cheeks.
  • After completing 20, hum a soothing melody twice while continuing to rub your face.
  • After you finish humming, open your eyes and look straight ahead. Keep rubbing your face without moving your head and meanwhile look far right and far left to relax your eyes. Repeat this several times.
  • Practice this technique for five minutes. Then think about that problem that is troubling you and re-rate the discomfort it gives you.
  • If it still hasn't gone away and you want to lessen how it feels to you, try clearing your mind from that problem again, think about different things, and keep repeating the above technique until the problem disappears completely.

The views expressed in this article aim to shed light on alternative studies and encourage conversation. These views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of Be People and are for informational purposes only, even if they contain to some extent the advice of physicians and physicians (medical doctors). This article; It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, and the information herein should not be relied upon for specific medical advice.

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