The Healing Call of Sound: Sound Therapy

Voice therapy; It is called the therapeutic activity due to the strong vibrations that occur with the playing of musical instruments with a frequency similar to the sounds of the universe, creating interaction in our brain waves and all our cells.

Creating personalized magical experiences; this activity, also called sound meditation or sound healing; It takes both our body and mind on a journey by playing instruments that are correctly positioned in a space, producing sounds that are in a sense equivalent to the sounds of the universe, with different techniques. This therapy method in which instruments such as Himalayan singing bowl (Tibetan singing bowl), gong, crystal bowl, ocean drum, aqua drum, mbira are used; It helps against diseases with its effects such as regulating blood pressure and stress-related hormones such as cortisol, opening closed chakras. It also creates a high level of conscious awareness, which has consequences such as confronting suppressed emotions and making decisions on indecisive issues.

Meditation Bowl Benefits and Tips

meditation bowl; It has a deep history and culture in countries such as the Himalayas, Tibet, India, Greece, and Egypt; It is an instrument whose production has become almost a tradition in its handmade state. These bowls, which are one of the most used instruments in sound therapy, have the potential to relax us and put us in a meditative state by emitting sonic energy in various sounds or rhythms, low or higher, short or longer, thin or relatively thick, with different mallets. 

If you want to play a meditation bowl, we can say that it is not difficult to grasp a few techniques to begin with. You can play the bowl with bare hands or gloves, put some water in it and watch the vibrations in the water to strengthen its magic. For maximum efficiency, we recommend that you design the environment where you will practice sound therapy like a vibrating sphere with different meditation bowls or other sound therapy instruments. In individual or collective sessions; you can apply it to participants who are sitting or lying down, preferably with their eyes closed, or you can play it for yourself. You can further enrich the experience by adding water sounds, chanting mantras, repeating the word "om." 

During the meditation, you can more easily notice your problem areas by following the directions of the reflections created by the bowl on your body step by step. Within a few minutes, you will immediately feel the change that the emitted sounds will create in your body and mind. At the end of all this holistic observation, as your mind reorganizes the way it works, the tension and fatigue that have already occurred in your body will decrease or disappear. Therefore, this reflection; It is possible to think of it as a mirror where you can discover your communication with yourself in a peaceful environment away from the noise, by reducing the influence of your ego, and by which you can easily see your features such as clarity and creativity.


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