What Is This Leaky Gut?

One of the terms we hear the most these days is 'Leaky Gut', i.e. 'leaky gut syndrome'. We can also call it the entrance ticket to the diseases that your body is fighting. 'Leaky Gut' can be the source of almost all problems, big and small, that affect your daily quality of life. So what exactly is Leaky Gut?

Our intestines are the main center of digestion, where nutrients are broken down and absorbed in the body. The absorption of nutrients actually proceeds with a fairly simple system. Let's think of intestinal cells as tightly packed cells, these cells act as filters. Thanks to this tight arrangement, foods, liquids, vitamins are purified from harmless substances and mix with the blood.

When this tight bond between intestinal cells is broken,Leaky gut' leaky gut syndrome emerges, and unwanted organisms are also transferred to the blood. The mixing of harmful components into the blood increases inflammation in the body and causes different ailments in various parts of the body. 

So why/how does this link break?

Most of the time, our intestines are constantly in contact with allergen substances such as lectin, casein and gluten, and these foods cause stress-induced inflammation in the intestines. If your intestines are exposed to this load, it becomes increasingly difficult to return to its tight structure again. The balance of beneficial bacteria is disturbed, your intestinal cells are under pressure. Cells that are tightly attached to each other begin to fail to function, and in the course of time, the intestinal walls become more and more permeable.

The main causes of leaky gut syndrome are:

  • Excessive sugar consumption. Sugar, especially fructose, disrupts the environment in the intestines and increases permeability.
  • Vitamin deficiency It prevents cells in the intestinal wall from working properly. Vitamin D, A, B12 and zinc deficiency increase intestinal permeability.
  • inflammation It damages your intestinal cells. As a result of continuous inflammation, your intestinal cells are exposed to the attack of the defense system. In particular, substances such as lectin and gluten cause intestinal permeability by causing inflammation.
  • The beneficial bacteria in your intestines are the first line of defense. Disruption of this line intestinal flora means damage.
  • StressIt causes an increase in the zonulin protein, which causes leaky gut syndrome. Therefore, prolonged stress increases intestinal permeability.

These problems, which may sound small, can cause serious discomfort in the long run.

  • frequently in society seen food allergies, for example. When the passage in your intestines is disrupted, many different nutrients and toxins enter your body that can cause allergies. This goes far beyond a simple allergy. Because allergens that pass directly into your body and create constant warnings turn into reactions that never go away.
  • autoimmune diseases means that the body's defense system elements attack its own cells. Diabetes and Hashimoto are among the most common autoimmune diseases. Gluten and toxins that pass into the blood in Leaky gut syndrome increase the level of zonulin protein. With the increasing zonulin level, the defense cells in the body have difficulty recognizing their own cells.
  • skin diseases; Disruption in the digestive system can cause many dermatological problems such as acne and eczema.
  • neurological diseases; The gut, which is considered the second brain, is linked to many neurological diseases such as autism and hyperactivity. The absorption of nutrients directly affects different hormone levels, gut and brain health.

Unfortunately, the symptoms don't stop there. Also, other symptoms of leaky gut syndrome,

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Fibromyalgia
  • digestive problems
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • chronic fatigue
  • Excess weight and difficulty losing weight
  • Untreatable depression and anxiety
  • Persistent headache and migraine

can be listed as

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Alara Dolunay

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