Where did I come from and where am I going...

As a girl who lost her father at the age of 5, I received my first blow in my life journey, while I was looking for answers to the questions "where did my father go?" "where did I come from and why am I here?" many healers and wise; I came across technique and teaching. From shamanic rituals to my diet, I tried to open myself up a little more and get rid of my stereotypes at every step. 

I think that the greatest chance of a person in this life is to break free of his stereotypes and realize his own potential. 

So, why do we have patterns, what is this real potential? 

In my opinion, every human being is born to their full potential. That is, he actually has the inner power to do almost anything. Our clairvoyance, which we begin to lose in our infancy, begins to be filtered by the traumatic events around us that we are exposed to/or just perceive as trauma. When we are adults, we often live a life as if we looked. Many times we live the day on autopilot, having to even remember to 'remember' what it means to be in the moment. 

We lose our self-confidence with traumas and experiences, forget what we really want while trying to save the day, and find ourselves while catching even the deep breath of the air we breathe in with a breathing session. 

It's impossible to talk about a method, a healer, or a teaching to break out of our patterns and live our own potential. It is necessary to look at the mind, body and spirit trio one by one and to replace the missing ones while going on the way to meet their needs. Although my spiritual side is strong, for those like me who want to understand life with more logic and even data if possible, moving in these three dimensions and understanding each of them is often a stony ramp. 

Youniversity, created by Sintia, Steve and Özlem, whom I encountered on this journey that I have devoted almost a lifetime to, is one of the most comprehensive and beautiful schools I have ever seen, compiled in this sense. You are close to the fact that it exists.  

Do you have an unidentified sense of guilt since childhood? Do you still have self-confidence problems even though you are very successful? Can't stop yourself from overeating and drinking? Do you always face the same problems in your business and private life? Having trouble focusing? Can't manage your stress at all? Then you are not alone and you are about to meet people who will graduate the same semester as you.

Youniversity; It is a university that everyone should read in order to know yourself better, to define and understand your patterns that have been going on for years and that you cannot get out of, and to recode them. 

Prepared with an 18-week curriculum compiled from thousands of hours of training and specialization programs held in the world's most important institutes, Youniversity has faculties of Energy Medicine, Behavioral Sciences, Neuroscience, Neurobiology, Trauma solutions, Somatic experiential principles. Youniversity's new term registration starts on September 27. I highly recommend Youniversity for a fresh start to a new year. 



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