Why Breath?


As we grow, we can get distance from ourselves. It is necessary to go deep and meet with our true essence and re-remember ourselves. If we ask what it means to return to our essence; to be invited back to the feelings and thoughts that we have escaped, “forgotten”, distracted ourselves, and to get away from the feelings and thoughts that the outside world brings, that do not belong to us, that we imprison in the body... On our journey back to our essence, we awaken and remember the child within us. We are invited to feel our feelings, opening the door for our body and heart to be guided.

We breathe to return to our own essence, to reach our inner child, to remember ourselves. Our breath is a reflection of our soul and our sacred inner world. Breathing is the foundation of every mindfulness practice. A tool that is always with us; We are always within reach for calmness, balance and presence of mind. Developing a relationship with the breath is about learning to live in your body, creating new pathways in your brain, and developing emotional and relational intelligence. Breathing and staying with yourself, leads you to become one with yourself.

Breath so that you can get rid of the thoughts that are secretly working in your subconscious and limiting you and live your life without being aware of it. When you heal the somatic, that is, the bodily, allow the wounds, see them, you begin the journey where you remember your own truth.

Breathing begins with body awareness; body awareness begins with the breath. Breath, above all, allows you to communicate with the body, it is a way for that. It gives you access to both your body and this moment we are in. Breath is a tool for us to decipher the messages given by the body. We have to let the body speak. The non-speaking body can also lead to psychosomatic diseases.

Every person's breath is as special as himself. Therefore, there is no technique called correct breathing. One thing we know for sure is that people unconsciously hold their breath. Actually the definition of breathing about holding your breath. As we move away from ourselves we hold our breath. As an anxious and stressful life has become a normal thing, it has become impossible for us to keep our breath under control. We even forgot to breathe. The first thing a person does when he is first born is to breathe. It is the breath taken from the abdomen. Besides the importance of breathing, the most interesting step in terms of calming the breath is exhaling. It has the potential to be a change agent and respond to the nervous system. It is also an expression of releasing our emotions. is to breathe. The more you take control of your breath in your life, the stronger your relationship with your body will be.

stay healthy,

Natalie Garih

About the Author;

Natalie Garih is the founder of Smarana Healing and is also a Somatic Pranayama Breath Meditation and Access Bars® Practitioner, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor. David Elliott, Dr. She has completed her training with many names such as Scott Lyons, Lisa Levine, Jillian Pransky, Katie Down, Jessica Caplan, Erika Spring, Zuna Yoga and many great teachers who have contributed to her healing journey.
For Natalie, remembering is essential in order to heal. It is necessary to work with the body in order to release what the mind has forgotten. Our body suppresses and blocks what our mind "forgets". We live in a world where we numb the chaos inside us. Chronic pain and psychosomatic diseases are actually our body's calls for help. Accompanied by somatic practices, embodiment, breathing meditation, sound, empowering yoga poses, Reiki and supportive speeches; Natalie will help you uncover your body's messages and return to your core, your true self.



Natalie Garih

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