Beginner Guide to Start Meditation

Have you heard and read that everyone should meditate but don't know where and how to start? Don't worry, if you have decided to enter the wise world of meditation, we are here to guide you through this new beginning.

Meditation Reduces Depression by 46%

There are thousands of studies on the positive effects of conscious meditation on mental and physical health. According to these studies, we can talk about many benefits, from reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality, improving heart health, helping attention disorders, improving relationships, and positively affecting the way our brain works. An example of this is that eight weeks of regular meditation reduced depression by 46% and anxiety by 31%, according to a recent scientific study of employees using a meditation app.

So now it's time to learn how to take advantage of all these benefits!

Five Suggestions for Beginners to Meditation

At the same time, choose the same place. Although experts find it ideal to meditate after waking up in the morning, it leaves people free of time, because what really matters is; always choose the same time for your practice. Start fixing meditation in your daily routine by meditating in a certain place at a certain time of the day. So help it become a habit.

You are also free about your meditation corner. Either put a chair in the middle of your room and sit down, or create a special meditation corner and create a space of peace for your sessions.

Sit comfortably with your hands on your knees and your body upright. When we think of meditation, the first thing that comes to our minds is to sit cross-legged or lie down. However, experts think that sitting with your legs crossed may not be that comfortable for most people who are just starting out with meditation. It also recommends a sitting position rather than a lying position. So, sit in a chair, upright and straight, put your hands on your knees, and if you're comfortable, get ready to start. If the position you feel most comfortable in is with your legs crossed, you can do that too.

Tap into the power of natural breathing. Breathing is one of the key points of the meditation process. Use the breath to clear your mind, get your heart rate and blood flow back to normal. Notice how your perceptions and feelings are changing and illuminating. Breathe naturally and do not exaggerate.

Do not be afraid of the presence of emotions. Even people who have been meditating for a long time may face negative feelings such as disappointment, anger, fatigue, anxiety and fear during their sessions. If you are faced with such a situation, especially in your first meditation attempts, do not try to suppress these feelings or do not interrupt the meditation by panicking. Acknowledge these feelings, focus on why you feel the way they are, and let them go without being cruel to yourself.

Don't judge your performance. It is quite normal to wonder how you will perform in meditation. Especially if you are an impatient person, you may see your performance as insufficient and think that you are not making progress. Instead, be kind to yourself. At the end of each session, focus on how your feelings and thoughts have evolved from before.  Realize that you are calmer, more conscious, and thank yourself for creating such a time and experience. If you wish, keep a meditation diary so you can track your change more clearly, step by step.

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