Countdown to the 4th Harvest Kaplankaya Event!

A breathtaking journey full of sharing taking place on the glass blue shores of the Aegean. Harvest Kaplankaya brings together the stories of people who have made a name for themselves and inspired the whole world. It offers experiences that will give you satisfaction in every sense with music, knowledge, senses and feelings. Created under the philosophy of "Harvest of Knowledge", this event offering extraordinary experiences can be a great option to rediscover yourself and gain a new perspective.

Are you ready to listen to inspiring content, music, gastronomy and extraordinary stories of world famous people?


Mitra Manes- A conscious life is only possible with awareness!

With mindfulness trainer Mitra Manesh, you can take a step towards discovering what you truly feel by focusing on your senses and emotions. You can open the doors of knowledge and wisdom with techniques based on the teachings of the West and East.

Wade Davis - Experiencing brand new experiences with local cultures from different parts of the world.

Illuminating and inspiring speeches by Wade Davis, a Samual Johnson Award-winning National Geographic Society researcher who has written 22 books to date. Wade Davis is at Harvest Kaplankaya with a new and improved perspective on the climate crisis.

Alberto Villodo - Can you turn your kitchen into a healthy and long life laboratory?

Are you ready for holistic healing?

Medical Anthropologist and Psychologist Alberto Villodo is at Harvest with his unique teachings and ancient healing techniques he learned from his journeys from the Amazon to the Andes.

Jason Silva - A new approach to the future, combining technology and philosophy.

Get ready for an out-of-the-box experience with world-renowned Emmy-Nominated Producer Jason Silva. How would you like to listen to Jason Silva as a speaker at Harvest Kaplankaya with inspiring topics such as futurism, technology, creativity, thought and humanity?

Sarah Blondin - How can we be liberated by choosing awareness?

Sarah Blondin is an international author, spiritual teacher and creator of the popular podcast series Live Awake and the online lessons Coming Home to Yourself. With Sarah Blodin's workshops on mindfulness, you may want to re-examine yourself and what's going on around you.

Christina Bengtsson - Explains how a focused mind can break any limit.

A respected author and opinion leader, Christina Bengtsson gives lectures on the importance of focusing at many organizations such as TEDx and at many international universities. Bengtsoon is at Harvest Kaplankaya this year with Bengtsson speeches, who believe that the more people learn the 'value of a focused mind', the better the world will become.

Céline Cousteau - Man and nature are inseparable.

Céline Cousteau, an environmental activist, storyteller and writer, emphasizes at every opportunity that the connection between humans and nature is vital. As the founder and director of CauseCentric Productions, Cousteau expresses his views through his speeches and writings at various organizations, as well as films, accessories and jewelry designs. Cousteau is at this event with his perspective of human and nature unity and his speeches.

Tricia Eastman - How can we activate our inner chemistry with ancient wisdom?

A medical woman with experience in shamanic healing practices and clinical-based psychedelic-assisted therapies, Tricia Eastman forges a unique relationship between science, culture and local perspectives. He is among the speakers of Harvest with their mission of inspiring and activating our inner chemistry.




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