A System Revealing Your True Nature: Human Design

We talked to Jean Goedvalk about the Human Design Diet.

We've probably heard of over 100 different diets that will help us lose weight, gain weight, or stay healthy. Some diets are one-size-fits-all, such as vegan or ketogenic diets, while others can be personalized by blood type or body type. Which group is the human design diet close to? How would you describe this briefly?

The Human Design diet is completely different from all other diets. It is tailored to each individual. The details of the diet are calculated based on your date of birth, time and place of birth.

The key difference is that it's all about the state of the food and never the food you eat. So it's not WHAT you eat that matters, but HOW you eat it! It's all about how you digest food while eating. According to the Human Design diet, there are 12 types of "Eating" people.

Can you tell us a little more about the 12 types of "Eating" people?

The main factors that differentiate the 12 types are the temperature of the food, the time of the meal you eat, the calm or tense environment you eat, exposure to light or darkness, the noise level in your environment while you eat, and the way you eat. To review in detail…

Some people digest food better when they consume foods and beverages that are at their body temperature or that are warmer. They need to eat their food hot, as they do not produce enough heat to properly break down nutrients and proteins.

They should only eat and drink cold food with others because their stomachs are too hot to handle the food.

Another factor is the environment. Some like to eat in peace and are very careful with their food. These people do not like to talk while they eat, so leaving them in their comfort zone is the best option. On the contrary, the group we call "anxious eaters" likes to walk around with their food while eating and find it very difficult to sit down at the table. They need movement or a chaotic environment while eating.

Another's digestion is affected by sound. While noise can cause a loss of appetite for some, opposite types like me need a noisy environment like music, TV to digest.

Another distinguishing factor is light. Light eaters need to be exposed to direct sunlight during the day. These people enjoy eating out during the day and should stop eating after dark. We can even say that this group is fed with light rather than food. Another example is those who eat at night. They need to get their food after dark and go to sleep right after a meal – or even wake up and eat again. I know kids who literally snack while they sleep. “Night Eaters” do not need to eat all day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not essential for them! They can focus on other things and spend their time more productively during the day.

Some species, called "One Variety Eaters", need to eat only one thing at a time and wait up to an hour before eating anything else. Before moving on to a new food, they need to digest each food separately and get energy. They can eat small amounts all day or night, as long as they don't mix their food. Think how difficult this is in the current environment where food has become complex!

The Human Design diet is considered a source of energy and information that we can directly put into our body from the outside world. Imagine that you are biting a fig tree. Because the fig is still tied to the soil, you get nutrients not only from the fig, but from the entire tree.

Ra Uru Hu, creator of the Human Design diet, points out that digestion is the most important factor. Eating according to your type ensures that you get the right energy and digest food.

Could you briefly tell us about what Human Design is and how it works?

Human Design is a health map. It shows you what will be healthy for you and how to make healthy decisions for your body. Most importantly, it allows you to get away from the mind and get closer to the body. It is also a talent map that shows the abilities you have. In this way, you can save a lot of time while looking for a job or decide on the education of your children.

Living according to your design will offer you an easy life without resistance. I recommend everyone to experience the specially personalized Human Design at least once, and I can only say this much as an introduction as it covers a very broad and deep information.

Why do you call yourself Jean? Please also tell us how you started your business. How did your Human Design journey begin?

I am a healer. We, Human Design diet analysts, are all healers. And I'm giving you the best healing diet advice on the planet right now. But as a Human Design analyst, I am also healing myself as I guide each person in life on how to live according to their unique design. As a reflector, I can clearly see and feel each design and its mechanics.

I was a very successful DJ in 2003, I played House Music and gave parties for a very long time. Then I broke up with my wife. After this separation, which affected me greatly, I returned to the Netherlands. Soon after, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and I looked after her for a long time. Then at a party, an acquaintance told me about the Human Design system, and I was incredibly impressed with what he told me. In a second he told me what had happened and how it was affecting people through their open energy centers. I went to Ibiza to learn more about this and to meet with Ra Uru Hu, the founder of the Human Design system. The day I met him was a turning point in my life. He told me to come back in April, and of course I did. But when I came back, he said that no one else attended the seminar but me. I remember praying for hours on a rock next to my hotel for the seminar to be full. The next day he told me that the seminar had started and that my place would be free. So I sat in front of him for 3 weeks, collecting and learning all the information I could.

On January 22, 2016, I returned to Ibiza as the Supernova passed over. I went into a trance for 10 days and heard a voice telling me to educate all the children in the world. I also learned a lot about Pentas, healing and cosmology, the way the stars work. And so, I traveled the world and started teaching Human Design to everyone I could reach. I went to Dubai, Brazil and built the biggest fractal in Bulgaria and started training analysts here. Ra Uru Hu gifted me 3 years of Basic Health System training as a reward. Then I started incorporating the Human Design Diet into my readings.

 What are the main benefits of the Human Design Diet?

In one word; HEALING! I have witnessed that many of my clients who have adopted the Human Design diet have recovered from their illnesses and recovered. Others have witnessed a certain ease in their mood, energy levels, alertness levels, and experiencing all that the day and life can throw at them. The Human Design diet makes your brain work. This is actually the most important part.

Is it a good time to start eating according to your Human Design diet? You talk about pregnant women and their babies on your website. Can we say the sooner the better?

No matter how old you are, the moment you start following the Human Design diet, you will stimulate your brain potential. The Human Design diet ensures that people of all ages stay healthy, get the right food, don't get weak, or keep their brains active and dynamic. Diet is critical for any design, but especially the most critical period during pregnancy. In order for the baby's brain to grow at the optimum level, both expectant mothers and babies really need food to be well absorbed.

How long does it take for the Human Design diet to take effect and fully adapt to the body?

You will feel the difference very quickly. It will start to show itself in a few days, maybe a week or a month at the latest. It all depends on the level of healing your body needs and how your way of thinking and believing supports you.

According to Human Design, can our diet also affect our mood and emotions?

Of course it does! Our body feels better when it works better. When our body feels better, it produces chemicals that improve our mood. When we feel healthy, we are less affected by our fluctuating emotions. Understanding your design will help you observe who you are, reduce stress and increase joy.

Finally, socializing is mostly done on outings, dinners or brunches, etc. How can 12 people with different Human Design diets come together in a world where it does happen :-)

According to the Human Design diet, there is no such thing as a complete meal. Each type should eat according to what is best for their digestion. We should stop limiting socializing to lunch, brunch and dinner. Many diets, both Human Design and otherwise, are here to show us how different we are, and Human Design is the science of differentiation in a homogenized world. It's time to take back your uniqueness...

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