Positive Energy Miracle: Sage

We asked Aslı Bilgin, Founder of Homemade Aromatherapy, why the energy in our homes is important and how we can clean and renew this energy with aromatherapy.

It is said that the better the energy of our house, the better our feeling during the time we spend in our house. So what is this energy? How can we purify and refresh this energy? 

First of all, our house belongs to us and no one else's energy can affect it, just the way you are. In this sense, the only thing to be feared is fear itself.

Keeping this in mind, we can add sage into our lives as I will explain below, with the wish that it will clear all the energy that is not good for us. Because sage is one of the herbs that I use the most to keep the energy of my home in balance. 

High vibration sage drives away low vibrations, clearing bad energy. Therefore, at least once a week; I suggest you smoke it with pure sage, including the center of the house, all rooms, corners and any dark, damp areas. The most common use from ancient times to the present is the burning of sage as an incense. For this, you can circulate the smoke that comes out after burning a few branches in a suitable bowl. Also; From time to time, in these routines, you can add storax tree gum and harmal seed to sage and burn them all together to create a more effective synergy.

If you do not want to use incense or want to do an additional ritual; You can burn sage essential oil in the censer, or you can mix sage and daily essential oils with some water and alcohol and make a simple spray to spray in your home.

Here are a few points you can pay attention to. Remember that there is a stagnant energy in the parts where light does not enter, and it is important to always clean these areas as well. Also, I would like to remind you that the time of the full moon is the strongest time for both spiritual and physical cleansing. During these times, it will be very good to clean the four sides of the house with sage while keeping in mind the intention to leave the house of all the negative energy that has accumulated in the house, that is, the one that is no longer good for you.

Asli San Bilgin – Homemade Aromatherapy Founder

Graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Aslı San Bilgin started her aromatherapy journey in 2004 with the training she received from Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy Specialist Pharmacist Nazan Kemali. He then continued his education at the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute in Canada. Aslı San Bilgin, one of the leading people in Turkey in the field of aromatherapy, founded Homemade Aromatherapy in 2012.

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