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Yoga is an important experience, thanks to which we feel better and reach our better self. While we don't really need anything other than a mat to practice yoga, there are tools to both motivate to practice yoga more often and get more peace and benefits from yoga. The most enjoyable way to do this is to create a yoga corner in your home that is completely private for you, reflects your personality and the value you place on yoga, and will increase your productivity. We asked YogaUni Founder, Yoga Instructor Alexis Gulliver about the essential tools he must have in his yoga corner.

Make room for them in your yoga corner:

Yoga Mat 

A must for yoga corner; of course a good quality yoga mat. There are different criteria that I pay attention to when choosing a yoga mat. The first of these is the grip of the mat. If I sweat a little while on it, will I slip off immediately? The mat needs to grip us tightly so that we can stay stationary for as long as we want in the poses.

Another criterion for me is that it is easily portable. I take my yoga mat everywhere I go. I haven't gone on a trip without my mat in 15 years. I need my mat to be light, easily foldable and packable. Also, I pay double attention to the thickness of the mats of students who have recently started yoga, because I want to make sure they provide adequate support for their knees. Some of the thinnest mats can't offer comfort because they can't.


Yoga Block 

I like to have two yoga blocks with me in my practice. These blocks are great gadgets for those moments when we have trouble reaching the ground. When I need some help to get into a pose more easily, I immediately think of blocks. I also like blocks as we can be much more creative with them. 


Yoga Belt

The yoga belt is one of the must-haves in the yoga corner. These belts stretch if the hip or leg muscles are a little too tight, and help students reach their feet more easily with their hands and feet. The straps are also ideal for supporting poses in relaxing yoga classes. Yoga poses with a belt on the floor, in a completely calm mood, and classes on stretching are very popular. These types of sessions make you feel in heaven. 

Eye patch

If I had to count one more thing, I would say it is a comfortable eye patch to use when I close my eyes at the end of the lesson and to get away from the outside world and turn inside. 

Alexis Gulliver – Yoga Instructor 

Gulliver, who received his undergraduate education at Michigan State University – The Eli Board College of Business Supply Chain Management, received a 200-Hour Yoga Association Certificate from YogaWorks. Working as a yoga instructor for many years, Gulliver founded YogaUni, a web-based yoga, pilates, meditation and fitness platform, in 2014.

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