Our Bodies Are the Home of Our Souls

What your mind forgets, your body remembers, what your mind cannot hold, your body holds.

Memories, often trauma, are buried deep in our unconscious and encoded in our brains and bodies. These memories can be so strong that the body stores these feelings and experiences in the physical body. The mind can "forget", block and suppress traumas deep in the subconscious, but the body never forgets. The body knows everything that happens to us. We were taught that the body is superior to it, and that it can be controlled through the mind that is thought. But the body has an intelligence that the mind cannot grasp its depth.

The body holds a physical memory of all your traumas and experiences, and events in our lives leave physiological marks on our bodies. These physiological pressures describe themselves as “blocks” in the body: psychosomatic diseases, chronic pain, stomach and intestinal disorders, fibromyalgia, etc.

In the 21st century, we are living in a period that we do not emphasize the importance of, and that psychosomatic diseases that take us captive begin, we are not aware of. These diseases enter our lives as chronic pain, migraine, jaw clenching, skin disorders (eczema, etc.) whose treatment has not yet been determined medically. According to research, the most important of these are the inability to draw boundaries, the inability to say no, the inability to express emotional energy correctly, and the suppression of our emotions, specifically our anger. More precisely, Dr. As Gabor Maté puts it, "Your mind wowNSr where it can't say, the body does it for us."

“Psychosomatic” means the embodiment of something mental. For example, if you are one of those who constantly introspect and suppress emotions, you know how stressful this creates in the long run; Most of us have statements such as “I am very full” or “I clenched my jaw at night” or “I have problems with my digestive system every time I am stressed”. It seems that we need a new strategy to release energy and relax. Think of your emotions as indicators of a vehicle; These signals show you what is related to the situations you are in and the health of your body. As your awareness rises, you begin to recognize and understand the signals and direct your life accordingly.

To lose contact with our body is to be spiritually homeless.” - Anodea Judith

Disconnection with the body is a cultural epidemic. The mind has separated from the body. We forgot to improve ourselves, to set aside time to be alone with ourselves, to stay in silence for a while and most importantly to meet the needs of our body. The first step to get rid of this disconnection is to re-establish communication with the body.

When the body is subjected to intense stress and pressure, a single language with feelings tries to contact you. If you understand and begin to recognize these signals of your body, you are one step ahead. After a while, the body starts to communicate with you about aches and pains to tell its troubles; backaches, heartburn, headaches…

We should use the body as a guide and map. We use our emotions to feel our emotions and interpret their meaning. we can feel must. When we physically scan our body, we can begin to recognize and understand our body's signals. When we establish a dialogue with our body, we begin to see the needs of our body.. Be in contact with the body. Well, feel what's going on in the body. more than what you think to what you feel Look. Observe what you feel inside, how is your body temperature, what is going on in your body, where are you feeling, is there a point where you feel pain or a chronic illness, put your hand there, see and listen to that pain! And start breathing right there.

The body is like a hidden treasure. As we go deeper into the body and peel off the layers of the body, we get to know ourselves and return to our essence. As it communicates with the body, the body begins to speak. Not fighting emotions; Let's observe and feel. We have to work with the body, not against the body. Uniting the separation between the body and the mind, hearing the needs of our body and establishing a relationship with the body are the basic steps for all of us to heal.

Stay Healthy,

Natalie Garih


About the Author;

Natalie Garih is the founder of Smarana Healing and is also a Somatic Pranayama Breath Meditation and Access Bars® Practitioner, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor. David Elliott, Dr. She has completed her training with many names such as Scott Lyons, Lisa Levine, Jillian Pransky, Katie Down, Jessica Caplan, Erika Spring, Zuna Yoga and many great teachers who have contributed to her healing journey.
For Natalie, remembering is essential in order to heal. It is necessary to work with the body in order to release what the mind has forgotten. Our body suppresses and blocks what our mind "forgets". We live in a world where we numb the chaos inside us. Chronic pain and psychosomatic diseases are actually our body's calls for help. Accompanied by somatic practices, embodiment, breathing meditation, sound, empowering yoga poses, Reiki and supportive speeches; Natalie will help you uncover your body's messages and return to your core, your true self.

Natalie Garih

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