Guests in Our Mouth

Probiotics, fermented foods, or bone broth may only suggest gut health; but before we get to the gut, we may be missing other elements that are just as important: the starting point of the digestive system; oral health and the oral microbiome.

Oral microbiota is the general name of all microbial communities found in the oral cavity. This semi-permeable formation is responsible for the transport and remineralization of the minerals in the saliva to the tooth surface, the transport of molecular oxygen to the gums and soft tissues, the removal of free radicals and waste products from the surfaces, and the entry of harmful organisms into the body.

The most important aspect of understanding the role of the oral microbiota is that it is not only responsible for the onset and progression of oral diseases; it also plays a role in the maintenance of systemic health. The digestive system can be thought of as a pipe starting from the mouth and continuing to the anus and is a whole. So, a problem in the mouth actually concerns the whole body.

While the oral microbial flora is always associated with gum disease, bleeding or caries problems, the bacteria in the mouth actually affects the whole body. The harmonious balance provided with bacteria in the mouth; In other words, symbiosis increases the body's defense mechanism against all pathogens and increases our defense quality against all kinds of diseases both in the oral tissues and systemically.

The balance in the oral microbiota is achieved by the harmonious living of good and bad bacteria. The most important point here is whether the environment is suitable for homeostasis. A diet rich in sugar or simple carbohydrates, use of wrong oral hygiene products, use of antibiotics, cigarette consumption or stress impairs oral PH in an acidic way. Thus, as the beneficial bacteria decrease and the dominance of harmful bacteria increases, gum diseases, cavities and inflammation in the tissues increase.

What we can do for a healthier mouth and body is to focus primarily on fibrous natural foods and probiotics, pay attention to the content of oral hygiene products we use, stay away from products that use artificial dyes and sweeteners, alcohol-based mouthwashes, and of course reduce stress!

The views expressed in this article are written to shed light on alternative studies and to encourage conversation about these studies. Even if the articles contain the advice of physicians to some extent, they are for informational purposes only. This text; cannot replace professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

About the author:

Ceren Tosun – Founder of Spicy Health

Ceren Tosun, a dentist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, health and wellness expert, has holistically educated herself on wellness and health while studying dentistry. After practicing dentistry in Istanbul, she moved to New York where she discovered different traditions of yoga and meditation, healing and wellness. Tosun, who also studies Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy; He is certified in areas such as Ayurveda, functional medicine, aromatherapy, mindfulness, good living and NLP. Currently living in London, Tosun is also the founder of Spicy Health, where he consults on health and wellness.

Ceren Tosun

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