New Technologies and A Livable World

As human beings, we are on the brink of extinction. As our species disappears, it will drag many more living things with it. A doomsday scenario is about to unfold before us, with extraordinary climatic events, food shortages, epidemics and wars. Vital problems such as forest fires, flood disasters and erosion that we have had to experience in the past weeks were just some parts of this great movie. The saddest thing is that human beings are responsible for this disaster, that is, we are.

We are grappling with the consequences of being far from a sustainable life. As the ecosystem deteriorates, we, along with all living things, suffer more and more damage every day. Research reveals mind-blowing data. According to Ecording, a social enterprise that develops sustainable and innovative environmental technologies against the global climate crisis, in 1937, when 2.3 billion people lived on Earth, the CO2 rate in the atmosphere was 280PPM and 34% of wildlife had already disappeared. As a result of the rapidly increasing human population and its interaction with the environment, by 2020, the human population has increased to 7.8 billion, while the rate of CO2 in the atmosphere has reached 415PPM and the rate of extinction of wildlife has reached an incredible 65%.

Another focus is on changes in the climate and the unavoidable temperature rise that causes it. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to the report There is no way we can prevent the world's temperature from rising by 1.5°C by 2030. Unfortunately, this was a critical limit.

Despite this depressing picture I have drawn, there is still hope. If we take action from today, it is possible to keep the temperature increase in question at 1.5 °C in 2030. So why is this important? If we can achieve this, it will be easier for us to adapt to the new conditions. We will also be able to reduce the damage we will suffer from negative impacts on natural resources, ecosystems, biodiversity, food supply, cities, tourism, carbon emissions, and the frequency and severity of natural disasters. Although our job is difficult, it is not impossible; humanity is still fighting.

According to Mert Karslıoğlu, the founder of "ecording", a social initiative to raise environmental awareness, we need technology beyond traditional tree planting methods to stop climate change. Karslıoğlu says that he brought the "ecoDrone" technology, which is fifty-five times faster than traditional planting methods, to Turkey as an answer to this need. For more detailed information, this is the full article. from the link you can reach.

Özgür Göndiken

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