Sustainable Clothing and a Fashion Approach that Respects Nature

For a sustainable world, we need to think about the choices we make in many areas of our lives. Many objects we use, from the office to our wardrobe, can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

Plastic consumption is one of the most noted points for a cleaner environment and a sustainable life. We strive to reduce the consumption of plastic, which has negative effects on oceans, seas, rivers, forests and many living things, in many parts of our lives, and even produce options that we can completely give up.

Have you ever wondered where is fashion in this sustainable world? Plastic is not just a material used in food packaging. And even, chemicals may be used in places we cannot predict.

For a sustainable wardrobe, we may need to make some changes in our clothing choices. It may not be that difficult to think of our fashion sense as a whole with nature.

In this article, we talked about the effects of clothes on the environment. sustainable fashionWe're also talking about how you can have it.

How did the concept of sustainable fashion come about and how long has it been in our lives?

The concept of sustainable fashion, which emerged with the environmental movements, is based on a business model that both has a foundation that protects the nature and prioritizes social value and welfare.

American biologist Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring", published in 1962, focuses on pollution caused by chemicals. In the Brundtland Report published in 1987, the term "sustainable development" is used. Thus, humanity's impact on the environment is beginning to become the main topic of many comprehensive studies. Finally, in the 1990s, it began to be talked about that environmental effects also apply to fashion. Of course, it can be said that the increase in fast clothing has an effect on this.

Is it very difficult to create a sustainable wardrobe with today's consumption patterns? In fact, adopting a certain understanding can affect many aspects of our lives as well as play an important role in our fashion choices. With an eco-friendly approach, you can increase the value of these products by making more room in your closet for timeless clothes.

The fashion world also has a significant impact on climate change. McKinsey researchshows that the fashion industry produced approximately 2.1 billion tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, which is equivalent to 4% of the global total. Activities such as the production, preparation and processing of materials have a great impact on the formation of these ratios.

According to sustainable clothing manufacturers environmental activities of fashionSustainable clothing approach that avoids chemicals that harm the environment.

A world where materials consume less water, and where harm to nature and soil is reduced, is possible by targeting sustainable clothing.

It is known that modern society is looking for more sustainable life models in many areas today. This sustainability issue covers many stages from how clothes, shoes, accessories and other textile products are produced to how they are consumed. Big textile brands are now evaluating what they can do to adopt the understanding of sustainability and making improvements in their companies.

In addition to production, the socioeconomic impact of sustainable fashion and the consumption behavior of individuals are just as important. However, greater adoption of sustainable fashion by brands may also mean that people choose between brands with a sustainable fashion sense.

Green Strategyexplains sustainable fashion in 7 items from the perspective of both the producer and the consumer:

  1. On demand and bespoke (including tailor made, bespoke and do-it-yourself)
  2. Green and clean (all processes in a product's lifecycle)
  3. High quality and timeless design
  4. Fair and ethical (including traditional production, handmade products and animal rights)
  5. Repair, redesign and upcycling
  6. Rental and barter
  7. second hand and vintage

85% of textile products turn into waste every year. As producers and consumers, we can take responsibility and protect our nature together so that this does not happen.

What can be done to be a part of sustainable fashion as a consumer?

  • You can choose clothes that use chemical-free organic fibers and natural fibers.
  • You can give priority to products made from materials such as linen and recycled fiber, which are produced with less water consumption.
  • You can prefer sustainable brands more.
  • And finally, you can buy less and keep better quality items in your wardrobe for longer.

In short, we can start a new era in our understanding of fashion by evaluating every product that enters our wardrobe from a sustainable perspective.

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