Stone Age Diet: Paleo!

Imagine the time when Stone Age people hunted, gathered, fed on vegetables they couldn't cook, and fruits they picked. Now try this dream in your own kitchen. As a caveman/woman, cut out all the processed foods in your closet.

Here is the diet of the Paleolithic Age, the diet of the Stone Age.

Do not be afraid to say how is it possible, the diet of our ancestors, which is ingrained in our genes, is the first way your body recognizes it. “Living naturally” is the whole philosophy.

 What you need to exclude from your diet for a Paleo diet:

  • Whole grain foods,
  • Seed oils such as sunflower, canola, corn oil, cottonseed oil,
  • Fruits with high sugar content such as apricots, peaches, grapes, and bananas (Fruits with low sugar content can be eaten in limited amounts.)
  • Energy drinks, refined fruit juices,
  • Natural dairy products such as kefir, cheese, yogurt.

 Things to pay attention:

  • Pay attention to the cooking method for eggs! Eggs should be cooked soft-boiled, if they cannot be eaten soft-boiled.
  • Coffee can be drunk, but less roasted beans should be preferred.
  • Unsalted and unprocessed nuts can be consumed.
  • Try to consume important sources of antioxidants such as garlic and onions frequently.
  • Take care to undercook your food. If you are going to cook it, steaming is the most sensible thing to do. Boiling causes valuable nutrients to pass into the water of the food and decrease. Steam and grill are the best cooking methods.

 Paleo diet is one of the most effective ways to break insulin resistance, but you need to pay attention to your rapidly decreasing blood sugar values during the diet. After all, sugar and carbohydrates have been a part of human life for centuries, and it would be wrong to expect the body to achieve this balance in one day. It just takes a little patience and perseverance.


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 About the author:

 Alara Dolunay – Be People Editor

 Alara Dolunay, who completed her undergraduate education at the Department of Media and Communication Systems at Bilgi University, completed her internships as an assistant to the project manager of ICM Turkey Digital Marketing Agency and Doğan Paksoy Gallery Young Art Magazine Writer. In 2020, she joined the Sotheby's Art Institute, Art History program. He has been working as Creative Editor at Be People since January 2021.

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