Why do we keep consuming the foods that are not good for us?

According to Christine Stossier, who started Mayr therapy, which focuses on the intestines, to look for ways to keep this critical organ healthy with proper nutrition, chewing a lot and staying away from foods that tire the body is the key. 

How do we know that our body is in good shape?

Of course, the first factor that determines everything is in order is your health. But it is not limited to this. Well-being is very important because people often say, “My blood tests are fine, but I don't feel well.” It plays a huge role not only physically, but also spiritually. 

What should we do in our daily life for a healthy body?

First of all, it is to regulate the eating routine so that the body can establish its own balance. It is important that meals are taken at similar times every day and that the body is allowed to rest after the meal. Providing time for our body to digest food, having a good and efficient sleep pattern, and consuming enough useful fluids are among the good things you can do for your body. 

Chewing too much is a topic that you mention in almost every conversation...

Basically, having a good food culture is invaluable, as we are fed at least three times a day. While eating, we must swallow each bite after chewing 30 times. Many people swallow it almost without chewing, they can't even taste what they're eating. However, sitting while eating is also extremely effective. Eating while standing up or on the go is tiring for your body. The moment you move, non-digestive hormones are activated, which lowers the quality of the actual process. You cannot eat at the same time while avoiding the enemy. 

What is the link between food allergies and chronic diseases?

Food allergies or incompatibilities pave the way for many complaints and diseases, primarily leaky gut syndrome. When you have leaky gut syndrome, your metabolism can't work properly because you can't digest your food properly. This can cause chronic inflammation in the body. These inflammations are often the secret mechanism behind chronic diseases such as rheumatism, diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

Are there more foods that trigger allergies today? 

If you do not feel comfortable after eating, especially if you have complaints such as bloating, fatigue, headache or runny nose, what you ate at that meal may have triggered your allergy. There are many symptoms that support this, but people often ignore them.

If we come to the subject of fasting (eating at long intervals), which is also supported by the Mayr treatment, what are the benefits of this diet? 

Fasting is also very beneficial for the body. Fasting gives your body a period of time to breathe. In this process, your digestive system does not need to work efficiently, your intestines have the opportunity to be purified. You get rid of the feeling of heaviness, and you have the chance to realize the foods that tire you and cause bloating instead of giving you energy. Avoiding solid foods and only taking liquid into the body allows the system to clean and renew itself. You can think of Fasting as a kind of "restart" (restarting the system). 

What do you think about the "intermediate fasting" fasting regime up to 12-14-16 hours?

It's a diet that I support. In this fasting model, you reduce the amount of nutrients you take into your body, which is through reducing the number of meals. But which meals you cut down is important. The two meals a day should be breakfast and lunch, not lunch and dinner. Eating late in the evening is doing you more harm than good. 

Nowadays people eat too much and too often. The main thing to do is to eat two and a half meals. Let me also point out that the half portion is dinner. Eating late and too much disrupts the body's rhythm.  It is also important that you do not eat anything raw in the evening. No raw food in the Mayr treatment. Digesting raw food is extremely tiring for your system. 

It occurs when we unconsciously overwork our Auto-Intoxication system, right?

Auto-Intoxication is your system's way of dealing with what it has trouble digesting when you overeat or eat foods that are not good for your body. Auto-Intoxication is the poisoning that occurs as a result of the accumulation of toxins secreted during digestion. Metabolism is self-destructive. It can take hours for the body to recover. This is the body's rebellion. It always gives you signals about what is good for you and what is not. All we have to do is listen to ourselves. 

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