We All Need It: Healthy Dessert Recipe

We got a healthy bounty bar recipe from Ceylan Sel Sohtorik and Milay Nil Sönmez, the founders of Lab Vitalité, that will cure the sweet cravings we experience these days when we spend our time at home. You can easily prepare this Healthy Bounty Bar at home, which is one of the sweet snacks that both adults and children love, and you can eat it with peace of mind and pleasure.

Healthy Bounty Bar Recipe:

100 g coconut powder

20 g coconut cream 

30 g coconut oil 

50 g raw honey  

A pinch of vanilla

250 g dark vegan chocolate

Combine all ingredients except chocolate in a bowl and mix well. Place the mixture on a rectangular baking tray and cut into rectangles and refrigerate for one hour.

Pour the chocolate you melted in a bain-marie over the rectangular bars that you took out of the freezer and placed on the wire baking tray. Then cover them with chocolate. 

Bon Appetit!

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Aygen Ecevit

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