Start from Zero with the Elimination Diet!

Do you experience problems such as post-meal discomfort or indigestion in your body? If so, this diet is for you. With an elimination diet, it is possible to reset your digestive system and remove all foods and beverages that do not serve you from your diet.

If you're ready, let's start.

In cases where we cannot digest some foods, a reaction occurs in the intestines and bloating occurs, and the defense response to foods can result in an allergic reaction of the body to those foods. This is exactly why the elimination diet can provide us with great well-being by eliminating some nutrients from our lives.

How is it applied?

The first thing you need to do is to remove suspicious foods from your life. This period is called the elimination phase. In fact, this is the hardest part, because you probably have to say goodbye to many of your favorite foods. Creating a list is the first step, of course, this list may vary from person to person. Elimination diet; It requires you to cut out the foods you have an allergic reaction to from your diet for three weeks. It is recommended to keep a diary when starting the process and to examine discomfort and reactions.

You can browse the list of foods that often cause allergic reactions;

  • Foods containing gluten such as wheat, rye, barley, semolina
  • Dairy products containing lactose
  • All nuts, especially peanuts
  • Seed oils and margarine
  • Citrus
  • Legumes, especially beans and soy
  • Processed meat products such as sausage, sausage, salami and pastrami 
  • Alcohol, tea and coffee
  • artificial sweeteners 

The second step is reintroduction. It is based on the logic of measuring the response by reintroducing the suspicious nutrients into the body. All you have to do is watch the results for a few days after adding a new food to your menu and remove it from your diet if it causes discomfort again.

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