Protein, Is It The Right Choice?



As the body stores fat, it cannot store protein, so regular protein consumption is required in order to carry body functions to the most efficient point. Protein is an indispensable element for the body's energy production, tissue regeneration and muscle formation. It helps the metabolism system to work properly. A balanced metabolism helps to provide the energy we need. When the body cannot provide enough energy, it quickly consumes the stores, so both physical and mental performance can be lost.

But are all proteins equivalent?

Some proteins can be difficult to digest. Non-organic hormone-containing products cannot provide the protein that body needs. On the contrary, it creates an acidic environment by making it difficult to digest, which can cause the body not to get the energy it needs.

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy Specialist Dr. Simone Laubscher highlights the importance of plant-based proteins, breaking the belief that plant foods do not provide true protein yield. He especially recommends that herbal alternatives of mixtures such as protein powder should be preferred. Dr. Laubscher states that many protein powders contain dense lactose that is difficult to digest, causing bloating and gas problems in many people. He explains that vegetable proteins such as brown rice and peas can be preferred as an option, and they contain ingredients that are much easier to absorb in terms of cells and muscles.

Here's what to know about nutritious proteins like peas and brown rice:

  • Peas and brown rice are a true source of protein and contain 9 essential amino acids.
  • They contain digestive enzymes that will speed up our fat burning.
  • They are powerful protein sources for tissue repair and development.

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