Fast Growing Shiny Hair with Rice Water

A perfect solution that brings the healing and miraculous effects of nature to our beauty routine. Rice, the side flavor of the main dishes, is one of the most common beauty secret of Far Eastern women.

It is a fact that we admire and envy the shiny, dark hair of women living in countries such as Asia, China and Japan.

An indispensable part of Turkish cuisine, rooted in the traditional culture of Asia; rice. Far eastern women have been washing their hair with rice water for hundreds of years. Rice water helps hair grow and gives it a soft and silky appearance.

Rice water is mainly prepared by using the rice washing method, a technique that we have handed down from generation to generation in recipes. When we keep waiting rice in water it leaves a white essence in a short time and this mixture usually goes to waste. However, this water is way too valuable to be thrown away. When we talk about hair serums and care oils, we use tons of products that we are not sure about. Let's take a look at the benefits of all-natural rice water, which has been used as a beauty weapon for centuries.

Strong and Shiny Hair Strands

rice waterStarch in the product acts as a shield on the hair strands, preventing breakage and providing you with a brighter and smoother hair texture. Vitamins B, C and E contained in it to care for broken and damaged hair.

Easy Scan

It tames hard-to-handle hair. By regulating the building blocks of your hair, it calms the hair that swells with moisture and grows out of control.

Healthy Hair Roots

It strengthens the hair roots and helps the hair to become thicker and voluminous. Rice Thanks to the amino acids in its water, the scalp is purified and renewed.

Fast Growing Hair

This natural formula, which repairs, purifies and strengthens the scalp, also nourishes the hair follicles. It protects the flexible structure of the hair and prevents shedding. It restores the health of the hair by taking care of it from start to finish and rapid growth of hairit causes.

How is it applied?

Wash half a cup of uncooked rice completely. Take two glasses of water in a bowl full of water. Let stand for 30 minutes until the water turns white thoroughly and strain through a strainer. Rinse your hair with shampoo. If you have a dry hair structure, it is recommended to use it together with cream and moisturizing products because this mixture can dry the scalp more. Massage the washed damp hair for 5-10 minutes, feed the water and rinse again. You can apply this routine regularly once a week and keep the mixture you prepared in the refrigerator for 4-5 days in a cold way.

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