Simplicity of Beauty

The cosmetics industry produces 120 billion packages per year. Every year, 18 million acres of forest are lost for the paper used to package beauty products. So, how can we prevent this environmental disaster? The answer is simple: minimalism.

Minimalism, which has been a rising trend in recent years, has also influenced the cosmetics and beauty industry. Many brands have started to produce minimalist products. So, what does minimalism mean in the cosmetics industry?

Cosmetic minimalism can be briefly defined as reducing the products used. This is a very important step to reduce the environmental disaster we are experiencing. That's because the average woman uses nine different products containing 126 different ingredients each day, according to the Washington-based Environmental Working Group.

However, the definition of cosmetic minimalism goes beyond using fewer products: Simple designs, products formulated using fewer ingredients, natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging... All of these are the ABCs of cosmetic minimalism.

Using fewer products may raise the question: Does a single product do the same as several products? Advanced formulas in minimalist products show that it is possible. These formulas are made from natural and vegetable oils such as shea butter and extracts with related skin care properties. There are no additives, perfumes or preservatives. The cold pressing method is also preferred in minimalist skin care products. The products produced by these methods are easier to absorb by the skin.

In addition, brands that embrace minimalism use fewer ingredients in their products. Studies show that using fewer ingredients reduces the incidence of allergies. This tells us that the minimalist lifestyle is a life philosophy that goes beyond the trend: By using natural, healthy, environmentally friendly products that contain fewer ingredients, we not only contribute to sustainability, but also reduce our carbon footprint.

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