Don't Let Your Teeth Be Affected by Stress!

If you wake up in the morning restless, have pain or tension in your temples or jaw, or notice sensitivity or wear in your teeth, you may have been grinding your teeth all night. 

Clenching is a habit that we perform mostly during sleep, so some of us do it without even realizing it. Therefore, we may be surprised to hear that we make a grinding noise at night from our family or partner. So what are the causes of clenching (bruxism), what can we do?

The habit of clenching teeth can manifest itself with horizontal or vertical movements and, accordingly, different forms of wear. Depending on what we do, the way our teeth wear also changes. If you are clenching your teeth with horizontal movements, you may be making grinding noises. 

This symptom, the main reason of which is psychological, occurs when we notice and reduce the stress factors in our lives. Thus, we can both create a long-term solution against bruxism and increase our quality of life to a much higher level.

Perhaps you can reduce stress by starting meditation or by increasing exercise or making it more frequent in your life if you are already doing it. I can also suggest that you drop everything and settle in the South. 

The alternative treatment plans that your dentist can offer you in the treatment of bruxism are as follows:

night plaque

Your doctor may recommend using a night plate to prevent your teeth from wearing down. This plaque is specially produced for you by your dentist and you are asked to use it every night. Thus, even if you continue to grind your teeth, your teeth will not be damaged due to problems such as sensitization. However, if your clenching habit continues, the problem may progress to temporamandibular joint (jaw joint) damage.

Masseter muscle botox

There is another method that is most used these days: Botox (botolinum toxin) injection into the masseter muscle, which is located in the two corners of our lower jaw and is the main muscle that provides chewing. This process causes a relaxation of the masseter muscle over a period of three to six months. Thus, the tone of your muscle decreases for a while. If there is swelling, it also manages to reduce them. Square-shaped facial features can gain a more triangular appearance. This treatment, which usually receives a positive response, may need to be renewed every six months. 

laser therapy

The last method is laser treatment applied to the masseter muscle. It is used to relax the muscle and reduce pain.

You can consult your dentist for the most appropriate treatment among these treatments, which may vary according to each case. My first suggestion to you is to first close your eyes and take a deep breath.

The views expressed in this article are written to shed light on alternative studies and to encourage conversation about these studies. Even if the articles contain the advice of physicians to some extent, they are for informational purposes only. This text; cannot replace professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment.

About the author:

Ceren Tosun – Founder of Spicy Health

Ceren Tosun, a dentist, yoga teacher, aromatherapist, health and wellness expert, has holistically educated herself on wellness and health while studying dentistry. After practicing dentistry in Istanbul, she moved to New York where she discovered different traditions of yoga and meditation, healing and wellness. Tosun, who also studies Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy; She is certified in Ayurveda, functional medicine, aromatherapy, mindfulness, wellness and NLP. Currently living in London, Tosun is also the founder of Spicy Health, where he consults on health and wellness.

Ceren Tosun

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