How Healthy Is Your Deodorant?


Deodorants, which we use to feel clean and fresh all day long, are an indispensable part of almost all of us in modern life. So how well do we know the chemicals that come into such close contact with our bodies?

Sweating; It is the most effective method that the body uses to remove harmful toxins from our system. deodorant and antiperspirants With the heavy chemicals they contain, it traps toxins in our body that need to come out in the body's natural cycle. The biggest danger is that many of these products contain aluminum, an active ingredient that clogs skin pores. In other words, it causes us to poison ourselves for the sake of cleanliness and smelling good.

Unfortunately, this heavy metal, which paves the way for diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia and breast cancer, is not the only threat. Antiperspirant chemicals also contain another set of petrochemicals and preservatives that disrupt hormone balance and affect organ functions.

Chemical deodorants 5 Toxic Content:

Triclosan:  It is classified as a pesticide by the FDA and a possible carcinogen by the EPA. It is an antibacterial that causes antibiotic resistance, skin irritation, allergies and thyroid problems.

Propylene glycol: Many liver-focused studies argue that it can harm the central nervous system and heart.

Parabens: It is known as synthetic chemicals that cause hormonal imbalance. It's thought to be linked to an increase in birth defects, organ poisoning, and hormonal cancers, including breast cancer.

Synthetic fragrances: A chemical compound created to make products smell good is 'phthalate'. Women with high levels of phthalates in their blood and urine have a higher risk of birth defects.

Aluminum:  Aluminum, one of the heaviest metals, neuroxin, is associated with Alzheimer's disease and breast cancer. 

Paraben, triclosan and synthetic fragrance ingredients, which are widely used in the cosmetics industry, not only destroy your body but also the ecosystem we live in. Especially since the decomposition of chemical wastes mixed with water does not occur, the aquatic ecosystem suffers the most. These chemicals, which do not decompose in water, accumulate in the tissues of sea creatures and cause poisoning.

Another important point is the ozone layer of our planet. CFC gas (Chlorofluorocarbon) contained in deodorants does not break down and rises directly to the ozone layer without combining with other molecules in the air. Since it can go up to the ozone layer without decomposition, it causes holes on the surface of the ozone layer.


Fortunately, the number of additive-free deodorants is increasing day by day. We wish you to make nature-friendly choices that will be good for you…


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