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Ayşem Gündüz - Plant Advisor


A few years ago, I am going camping for the first time in my life, and I will stay in a tent. I'm with a friend who owns a permaculture farm. After spending a week in the forest with someone who composted from their garbage and drank water from their canteen, my life in Cihangir suddenly seemed lifeless to me. In order to add a little greenery and awareness to my life, I took the plants that were engraved in my mind during the trip and brought them home, but I could not keep them alive. After all the plants that I couldn't keep alive, I started to seriously research this issue. I had a very busy work schedule, I started to buy plants that require less attention than my own lifestyle. I finally succeeded, and as the number of plants I bought increased, I felt the need to arrange the plants. The growing number of plants began to take up more space than the fixtures of the house. I started sitting under the tree at home, reading a book, and making tea with the mint I grew. At that time, I decided to grow avocados. I planted the avocado seed in the ground a month later and the soil had sprouted. The power of the cycle of life and nature began to take over me at that time. The enormous cycle in everything, the fact that everything is temporary and the state of living with surprise impressed me a lot. The fact that the sprout, which I thought was an avocado sprout, was a purslane born from the seed brought by a bird, both made me smile and deeply affected me. Avocado did not grow in that soil, but that was the moment when I realized how happy my relationship with plants made me. I quit advertising and put plants at the center of my life. Since then, I have been working to add more green to my own and others' lives in my urban life. My adventure, which started with choosing plants suitable for the right place and sharing this knowledge with others, brought me to specialization in permaculture, ecological life, urban gardening, microbiology, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation. I am happy to share with you what I have gathered from the endless wisdom of plants, where I learn something new every day.

Ayşem Gündüz

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