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The Healing Power of Animals!

Talisa Bergsen, the founder of St.Pia. We talked about her brand and the healing power of our pachy friends.

st. piaHow did the story of St.Pia started?

We carefully choose the products we bring into our lives in this period of increased conscious consumption, but I realized that the pet products industry is so limited that we cannot make these choices. I have been designing and manufacturing jewelry for a long time. My time at the counter taught me the discipline of refined and detail-oriented design, and I wanted to bring the same approach to pet products.

On the other hand, the problem of stray animals in Turkey has been making me deeply unhappy since my childhood. I've been living abroad for 12 years and I was trying to figure out where to deal with the problem and in what ways I could contribute since I was far away. The quest to solve these two problems helped me start up St.Pia.

Does the name St.Pia have a special meaning??

In front of the door of the wooden house where I grew up in Istanbul, there was a magnificent mosaic of Soteria from Greek mythology. Actually, it says “cwyth pia” on this mosaic, but when we were kids, we always interpreted it as “saint pia”. This mosaic, which always reminds me of feelings such as family, trust and ownership, also gave its name to my dog Pia, who came into my life while I was living abroad.

While designing the brand's logo, my focus was to reflect both the timeless texture of the mosaic and the cheerful, crazy spirit of my beloved dog Pia.

How important are Marbowl bowls to the health of our friends?

Especially those who have sensitive pets know well, the stomachs of our little friends are prone to be disturbed by all kinds of bacteria. Plastic containers can be scratched over time and create a nest of bacteria between the cracks, and metal containers can rust even though they are presented as stainless steel. We produce Marbowls from completely natural marble stones. Thanks to its chemical-free and durable structure, we have created an extremely safe food bowl alternative for both home and outdoor use. Cats and dogs like it because it does not smell and keeps the contents cool.

What did you pay attention to for the comfort of pets while designing Cornette cushions?

You may have noticed that most pets are more interested in human things. In fact, animals can be just as picky about quality tissues as we are. That's why we use natural linen and cotton blended fabrics and anti-allergic filling material in Cornette cushions. Thus, our little friends get the comfort they seek in their own beds.

As for the functionality of the cushion, we have observed that many people put their dog beds in a far corner because they are too big for their living space, or they have to buy beds that are a little too small for their pawed friend. Our goal was to solve this problem with the side-connectable feature of Cornette beds, a mattress that can be smaller and more compact when necessary, and that can be opened when necessary and allows dogs to spread more.

You help stray animals in need with the income you earn from each St.Pia sale. How does this process work?

The St.Pia project is just at the beginning of its journey, so it is very important for us to make sure that our aid reaches the paws. That's why we work directly with volunteers and veterinarians who deal with the nutrition and treatment of embarrassing souls.The main purpose of St.Pia is to create permanent solutions to the problems of the people living on the street, which is a sad reality of our country and which we have not been able to prevent yet.

What other ways would you recommend to someone who wants to help stray animals?

It is very important to support sterilization programs in order to prevent the problem before it occurs. It saves countless lives in the regions where we live, to have the stray and earless animals spayed, if possible, or to report them to the authorities for follow-up. Visiting shelters, donating food and even volunteering there is a unique experience. In addition, it is very easy today to support volunteers who make great efforts. By following voluntary individuals and organizations through social media, we can donate food directly. In fact, by keeping food in our vehicles, we can feed the hungry souls that we will definitely come across around gas stations and on the roadside.

Which one is the most popular St.Pia product? Why do you think?

Cornette Cushions are very popular. Conscious owners also reflect the importance they place on their own living spaces to the health and comfort of their pets. I guess everybody wants to get away from sloppy mass production now. I think we are tired of seeing beds and toys made of poor design and poor quality materials in the middle of our living room.

Why is it important to create a comfortable environment for animals?

The life and quality of life of our pawed friends is entirely in our hands. This is actually a huge responsibility. First of all, peaceful cats or dogs do not develop behavioral disorders. Keeping our pets comfortable, healthy and stress-free, providing them with plenty of toys and variable activities protects their physical and mental health. When we pay attention to these, we encounter the wagging tails of our loyal friends and their cheerful presence that can make us smile every day.

Do you think spending time with animals has a healing power? How our friends benefit us in terms of our health there is?

I definitely think so! First of all, they develop our empathy side. When we communicate with an animal, we come to the sensitivity to understand their mood and whether they have a physical problem by observing the small nuances in their movements. This is something truly extraordinary. This experience recurs in other areas of our lives and increases our sensitivity. We become more patient, more peaceful. Even if words are not used, we find ourselves listening carefully to our surroundings. Animals always respect the calm and stable energy, they like to receive commands from this energy. They almost impose a calm attitude and a constructive approach on us, can there be anything healthier for people than this?

Do you have any other pet friendly design ideas for the home??

St.Pia's design focus is on the ease of use and aesthetic appreciation of pet owners as well as the health of our pets. We take care that our products and presentations arouse excitement and make people smile. In this context, we produce our designs that we carry out of conventional frames in limited quantities and we take care to update our collection constantly.

Do you have a pet? What is your daily ritual with/with them?

Pia, my crazy terrier! We commute to work together every day. She does quality control and modelling, but her specialty is always inspiring.

Talisa Bergsen - Founder of St.Pia

Talisa Bergsen, the founder of St.Pia, completed her undergraduate education at London Central Saint Martins. During the period she worked in England, she designed jewellery and accessories for globally known brands and his works took place in many galleries and exhibitions in Europe.

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