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We all feel that it is important to manage our energy. So why is it really important and how do we do it? We spoke with YOUniversity Co-Founder Steve Comer.

What does an energy therapist do?

Ordinary therapies try to eliminate symptoms by playing with the chemistry of the person through pharmacology. As an energy therapist, I take a different perspective. What is going on in that person's life; I want to know what he is going through mentally, emotionally and relationally. Thus, by finding the energetic origin of the symptoms, I lead these people to release from that source. 

Whatever crisis or problem the person is experiencing, he or she feels stuck with it. This actually means that energy does not move, does not flow. Because when we do not allow life energy to flow, we cause discomfort and dysfunction. When I look at it from this different point of view, I can define what needs to change to allow the flow, to make the system more functional.

What was the main reason you founded YOUniversity?

The main reason we founded YOUniversity is because we want people to be more decisive about their life experiences. We provide them with tools to improve their health, well-being and overall quality of life.

Sintia, Özlem and I discovered that we spend a lot of time in our private lessons on the basics of self-care and the skillful management of emotions and energy. That's why we've created a program to teach these fundamentals and create a heart-centered space where people feel safe to begin an education in themselves.  

What does your program cover?

The first period of YOUniversity is called the foundations of freedom. We offer simple tools that we can use in everyday life to become an observer of the patterns in which we are unconsciously involved. We provide training on energy anatomy, personal regulation and rooting techniques, breathing exercises and meditation. We build each period on the previous one and go deeper and deeper in the processing of our emotions, our defense mechanisms and our traumas. 

We create an informed perspective on trauma that brings together energy therapy, neuroscience, cognitive and behavioral sciences that students can apply to their daily lives.

What is the first stage of self-awareness?

When you hear a voice in your head that pretends to be you and you realize that it is not really you, you become the consciousness that is aware of that voice. This is the first step. So you have the right to redesign and interpret who you are, and you begin not to condition yourself that you have to be. 

How does long-term stress cause problems in the body?

It is a scientific fact that the human body is not designed to be functional in the presence of prolonged stress. When we encounter stress, signals are activated between our hormonal system and our central nervous system. This is also known as the Fight or Flight reaction. 

This reaction is activated when we think there is a threat in our environment and it releases a series of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. In the long run, these excessively high hormone levels disrupt the entire physiological process of the body, causing many health problems. Anxiety, depression, weight gain, heart conditions, digestive disorders, sleep problems and memory loss are just some of them.

However, we cannot say that stress is bad. We need stress because it pushes us to improve and make us more mindful people. The right amount of stress is required for optimal performance, learning and development. Just enough to push us a little and get us out of our comfort zone. The point where we step out of our comfort zone is where development happens and where we feel most alive. 

What disorders does negative thinking affect? 

When we get stuck in negative thought patterns, we are constantly in the mode of responding to stress. In my previous reply, I explained how long-term stress affects the body. About 90% of doctor visits are stress-related. Our negative thought patterns are at the root of our illnesses and ailments. 

Can you talk about a few scientific methods that reduce negative thinking?

World-renowned psychiatrist and author Dr. I worked with Daniel Amen. Killing Automatic Negative Thoughts It uses a technique known as (ANTS). In this cognitive behavioral technique, you identify where negative thinking is repeated and eliminate it step by step through a series of questions. 

Meditation; It's a very common technique in that it transforms our thoughts and determines how we relate to our thoughts. It is not directly about removing negative thoughts, but by observing them, preventing them from gaining control over you. 

How do our perceptions limit our lives?

Our perceptions add a filter to how we interpret our environment. This filter is conditioned by our beliefs, emotions, and traumas. We see life not as it is, but as we interpret it with this filter. This situation puts a limit on our lives. We can never see things as they really are, and ruptures occur in our experiences and relationships in life.

How should we manage our stress from the pandemic? 

We have to constantly ask ourselves what is in our control and what is not. We need to work on letting things flow beyond our control. So we can focus our energies on what we can control. What we can always control is our own inner environment. The pandemic is like a global invitation to look inside and be with what is out there.

How do you manage your stress level?

Personally, I focus on the basics. I eat well, exercise, sleep well and meditate. When I make these elements a priority in my life, everything else becomes easier. It is easier to stay rooted, centered and focused. I am conscious of what is important to me and I pay attention to it with all my energy. In this way, I can progress towards my goals. I've learned over the years that my way of thinking is everything to me. I was able to find a flow where I thought like teachers whose challenges and obstacles taught me more about me.

How would you define self-knowledge?

You know your strengths and weaknesses when you truly know yourself. You notice your tendencies and patterns in different situations and people. You know what's important to you, your purpose, and what makes you feel alive.

Knowing ourselves is even more important today because we live in a world where big companies and very smart people use cutting-edge technology to get our attention. Our attention has become a product. When we are unsure of who we are and what we want, we tend to be influenced, manipulated, and controlled, even if we know what's going on behind the scenes. 

Our energy flows where our attention is. In this period of many distractions, we need to control our attention to manage our lives. we need a lot. 

The views expressed in this article aim to shed light on alternative studies and encourage conversation. These views of the author do not necessarily reflect the views of Be People and are for informational purposes only, even if they contain to some extent the advice of physicians and physicians (medical doctors). This article; It is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, and the information herein should not be relied upon for specific medical advice.

Steve Comer - Co-Founder of YOUniversity 

Steve Comer is a mental health educator with extensive knowledge in interpersonal neurobiology, cognitive and behavioral sciences. As a speaker who works with athletes, has signed hundreds of workshops and given speeches around the world, she helps people change their relationship with their body and mind.

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