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“One of the Best Ways to Add Nature to Our Lives: Aromatherapy”

Homamede Aromatherapy, which was established to remember the invaluable benefits of aromatherapy, which has been forgotten since ancient times as a result of ten years of passion, education and effort, entered our lives in 2012. So how do we reap the magical benefits of aromatherapy today? We asked Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist Aslı Bilgin, the founder of Homemade Aromatherapy, who still continues on her way with the excitement of the first day. How can aromatherapy heal our body and soul in these days we live under the extraordinary conditions brought by COVID-19?

How are you feeling these days?

We are going through different, unexpected days. Seeing how we face such times is a new experience for us as well. I'm trying to spend as much protection and protection as possible, but also paying attention to staying calm internally.

What are you doing to find healing and feel better during this period?

Aromatherapy and oils have been in my life for about 16 years. The first time he entered my life was for healing and my relationship always continued. This is what happens in this process. Only my order of priority can change in terms of what I prefer in aromatherapy from time to time. These days, I have been using tea tree, patchouli, thyme, eucalyptus, cloves and tea more often.

What can we do to clear energy in our home?

My favorite trio for cleaning the energy of our home; mulberry seeds, daily resin and sage. Sage is ideal for sending what is not good, I add others to my life with the intention of attracting what will be good for us to ourselves, to our home. An alternative to burning incense is to clean and increase the energy of the environment with the essential oils of these plants. I also love our daily & sage spray for this purpose. In addition, if there is a fire alarm in your area, it is an energy cleaner that we can use without activating it, which is also practical in this respect.

Can you give a recipe for a cure that we can prepare with the ingredients at home?

I can give you an aura spray recipe that we can prepare practically at home, protecting our energy field: 40 ml of plant water (rose water, lavender water, chamomile water, etc.), 10 ml of naturally fermented vinegar (rose, apple, etc.), five grams of unrefined rock salt. and daily, cedar, myrrh, cypress, sage essential oils by adding a total of 10 drops of one or both.

Can you tell us something about aromatherapy that we don't know but would like to know?

Aromatherapy consists of three main raw materials: essential oils (lavender, rosemary, daily, lemon, etc.), base oils (sesame, coconut, grape seed, etc.) and plant juices (rose water, lavender water, thyme water, etc.). Essential oils are concentrated forms of related plants and are a hundred times more potent than plant forms. In fact, we can say that they are the souls of plants. These essential oils can directly stimulate our limbic system and show their effects on us without being stuck on the wall of our subconscious.

You say that the chakra oils you produce are clearing our subconscious. Can you explain a little more how these chakra-focused essential oils help us?

Smell is the only sense that stimulates our subconscious among our five senses. The strongest mediator for this is essential oils, which, as I just mentioned, are 100 times stronger than the plant itself, distilled essence.

We carefully produce different essential oils that help create a balance by stimulating the seven energy centers in our body and thus our body, mind and subconscious. that we need balance in a particular chakra; We can understand our chronic and exhausting feelings, thoughts, and physical ailments by observing them. Also, to heal ourselves, we need to make sure that the essential oils we use are 100% pure. Our chakra oils are like this.

Our pets can be anxious and depressed because they can't go out these days or because they see the house more crowded than usual. How can we use aromatherapy on animals? It is also said that some essential oils can be harmful to cats. What should we pay attention to?

It would be correct to consider the use of aromatherapy in animals by dividing them into cats and dogs. Heavy use of essential oils in environments with cats due to a deficient enzyme in their liver  can have a toxic effect on them. For this reason, you should be careful not to spray directly on their skin, that is, where there is a possibility of licking. You can use essential oils from time to time by aerating the environment frequently, applying a measure of two drops per ten square meters of space in a censer. However, the safest way to use aromatherapy in cats is what we call hydrolate; plant waters such as rose water, lavender water. On dogs; We can use aromatherapy in many ways, from applying castile soaps to spreading scents that calm her down.

How can we get support from the science of aromatherapy to strengthen our health and immune system against coronavirus?

First of all, I would like to talk about the skin health of our hands. The soap we use is very important in these weeks when we wash our hands 15-20, maybe more, times a day. In order to protect our skin barrier, we should prefer to use castile soaps prepared entirely with oils. Our preference is castile soaps, which also contain essential oils with antiviral effects such as tea tree, patchouli, sage and thyme.

We should not neglect to apply cream to our hands, which continue to wear out, with alcohol-containing products and disinfectants that we apply on them. Using shea butter-based creams for this purpose will have a protective effect. If the hand barrier has started to deteriorate, we prefer our hand cream that contains calendula and pelargonium in addition to shea butter.

My suggestion to strengthen our immune system is to add essential oils to our lives that will reduce our stress and make us happy. In this sense, my favorites are; bergamot, grapefruit, orange, pelargonium, log and cedar.

Many people have switched to working from home. How can people who are not used to working from home get help from aromatherapy to keep their concentration?

Regarding focus, my two favorite essential oils in aromatherapy are grapefruit and rosemary. Both increase concentration. Grapefruit also has a refreshing and happy effect, while rosemary has a memory-enhancing effect.

So, what can we do about being more inactive these weeks than before?

For this, we have the cypress & lemon massage roll that we have prepared, which revitalizes the body by helping to increase circulation. You can apply it to your whole body by applying light pressure with the roller on the tip.

You start doing online workshops. What would you like to say about them?

As of this month, we have started to continue our trainings in our workshop areas in Kuzguncuk and Nişantaşı online. We started with Aromatherapy, DIY Skin Care, Natural Cleansing, Masks & Scrubs. Aromatherapy, Natural Perfume and Natural Incense Workshops will be added during the month.

Do you think people's view of aromatherapy has changed during this period; how has it changed?

This change is for many people; I would say it started two, maybe three years ago. It is one of the best ways to add nature to our lives in these days when we feel deeply that we need to turn our face to nature and to the natural.  I believe that the value of aromatherapy, which is one of the most important technologies, will be increasingly known and spread to all areas of our lives.

Asli San Bilgin – Homemade Aromatherapy Founder

Graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Tourism and Hotel Management, Aslı San Bilgin started her aromatherapy journey in 2004 with the training she received from Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy Specialist Pharmacist Nazan Kemali. He then continued his education at the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute in Canada. Aslı San Bilgin, one of the leading people in Turkey in the field of aromatherapy, founded Homemade Aromatherapy in 2012. 

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