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Bring the Radiance of Nature to Your Skin!


Formulas that carry what mother nature offers to our skin... We talked to the founders of Anda Heal, Nazlı Babaoğlu and Görkem Kural, who believe in natural glow, about the rich world of aromatherapy. 


When did you become interested in aromatherapy?

After graduating from the department of communication, I started my business life in a corporate company. Actually, I always had a passion for natural products and plants… But I can say that my discovery of Aromatherapy was in my pilates class. We always finished class with meditation and Aromatherapeutic oils. When I smelled lavender essential oil, I felt very good mentally and physically. That's when I started to wonder and research for the first time. The person who made me smell this bottle was my current partner and then my pilates teacher Görkem Kural. The year was 2017.

How would you describe the changes that aromatherapy has made in your life?

As I discovered aromatherapy, the changes and beauties in my life increased. Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy method that helps heal and balance you both emotionally and physically. I have often experienced how the aromas and healings obtained from plants affect my body and brain. For example, instead of creams and medicines for first aid, I first resort to aromatherapy. When I have a headache, I smell rosemary or peppermint essential oil with deep breaths. If it doesn't go away, I mix these oils with a carrier oil and massage myself. With aromatherapy, I listen to myself more and know myself better. I stay away from synthetic fragrances. Now I can easily distinguish which is natural and which is chemical and which is synthetic. I prepare supportive treatment products for myself, my family and my relatives. Most importantly, I manage to stay in the Moment with Aromatherapy…

What are the tricks of medicinal plant cultivation?

Medicinal and aromatic plants are vital for the conservation of biodiversity. The use of natural products is increasing day by day as products are obtained from natural ways and sustainable agriculture gains importance. Antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal etc. Medicinal and aromatic plants are very valuable due to their beneficial properties. It is a new sector in Turkey, but the most important thing in plant breeding is to grow the right plant under the right conditions. In other words, it is necessary to grow it without pesticides, pesticides, and even without machinery in order not to disturb the fertility of the soil. I can't say that the trick of growing medicinal and aromatic plants is because you are dependent on mother nature and her rules in agriculture. All I can say is to cultivate it in harmony with it, without harming it.

 Where does the name ANDA come from?

Anda Heal brand met with you with 2 years of R&D studies. In this process, we first started to think about the name of our brand. One day, while our brand's designer Eda and my partner Görkem were having a meeting, his name appeared out of nowhere.. We loved it so much, we wanted to emphasize that we can heal ourselves by staying in the moment, as well as the awareness of being in the moment and our desire to increase this awareness by sharing it. If you ask the dictionary meaning; Sister means lovable and worthy of being loved.

What do you think is the most positive result of the increase in natural and organic products in the cosmetics sector?

The most positive result of the increase in natural and organic products in the cosmetics sector is definitely health. Our skin is our biggest organ and when we apply chemicals to our skin, they penetrate deep into our skin and the chemicals spread throughout our body through blood circulation. Cosmetic products loaded with toxic substances harm the hormonal balance of the body and our skin produces more oil than it needs. The less chemicals in the products, the more important it is for our health. Just as we nourish our body with care from the inside, and take supplements with foods and vitamins to be healthy and strengthen our immunity, we also support it externally by using natural and organic care products.

Do natural cosmetic products have a shelf life due to their ingredients?

There is definitely! It should be. Just as the taste of an organic apple and a medicated apple differs from its decay time. Natural and organic cosmetics are also different. Most of these products do not use preservatives or chemicals. I say a large part because it is classified within itself in preservatives and chemicals. There are also preservatives derived from organic ingredients. Shelf life of natural and organic cosmetic products should be below 12 months. The shelf life of Anda Heal skin care products is 6 months after opening the cap. Our products in the personal care and health group are also 12 months.

Can we achieve positive results against skin diseases by using care products with natural ingredients?

This is where holistic health comes into play. Nutrition, sports, mental health, skin health, body health all in one. We must nourish our body well and properly from the inside. It is possible to get positive results from the organic care products that we apply to our skin afterwards. At the same time, regular use is very important in skin disorders. We have to be patient with natural products. Do not expect immediate results. These products, which are obtained from plants and organic components, will be helpful treatment for skin disorders.



What is the place of the concept of Holistic Aromatherapy in your life?

Holistic Aromatherapy is an invaluable complement to holistic health. As a functional health medicine coach, holistic aromatherapy stands in the middle of my life, and therefore my family and relatives and Anda lovers. When I discovered aromatherapy in England about 12 years ago, I first realized that it made me very happy. The fact that a phenomenon makes you happy is already a very important reason to include it in your life. Next, my association with holistic health; As I became more conscious, researched and deepened over the years, it became an inseparable part of my life. Once you meet aromatherapy, it is unlikely that you will be indifferent to it and not let it into your life.

Besides, what other trainings have you received?

I am a Business Administration graduate and I took Psychology and Sociology courses while studying Business Administration. In those years, I wanted to do something about people, but I first started working in the Maritime sector, then I worked in the IT and Tourism sectors as a white collar for years.

My work on Holistic Health goes back about 10 years. Sports have always been in my life, I was a licensed basketball player and swimmer since childhood. Afterwards, I couldn't continue to do sports with my working life, but pilates entered my life. I completed my training with the offer from the federation and started pilates instructor. As I deepened on anatomy and physiognomy, I realized how valuable and important spinal health is and became a Dorn therapy specialist, which is a method that I value very much, I still continue to work as a Dorn Therapist / Spine Health Specialist. I do. By completing my Functional Exercise Specialization, Sports Nutrition, Holistic Aromatherapy and Functional Medicine Health Coach trainings, I try to serve holistic health from a multidisciplinary perspective as much as possible. With all these components, I am actually a Bio Hacker, which is a very new concept in the world. This is a very long, nuanced and deep subject on its own, but I can briefly say that it is the work of making the person the best.

How did ANDA Heal come about?

The emergence of Anda Heal is 7+2 years. I have always been a natural life enthusiast, but when I decided to get pregnant with my son, a natural process of getting rid of all chemicals started and I started making my own skin creams and body moisturizer mixtures with Aromatherapy workshops during my travels to England. As my skin became brighter, it started to attract the attention of everyone around me, and I started to gift my creams to my family, relatives, friends, and then my students to benefit them and be a part of a purification process. One of my students was my current partner Nazlı Babaoğlu. We were working on sports and holistic health with almost all members of the Babaoğlu family, which I love so much, and our Anda dream began to blossom with their Babaoğlu Farm and Medicinal Plant Breeding projects.

How would you describe the healing power of products produced from natural plant extracts on our body and soul integrity?

I would describe it as Holistic Aromatherapy. The healing power of aromatherapy begins with scent. Our sense of smell is the only sense that does not turn off for 24 hours and remains active. Even when we sleep, we continue to smell constantly. Odor affects the mind, spirit and the whole body through the limbic system of our brain. Therapeutic products produced with natural plant extracts should aim to activate the body's own wisdom by acting on our daily or chronic troubles through the soul-body-mind, by getting down to the root factors underlying the distress and creating a synergetic effect, and should affect the whole. All Anda Heal products are produced to serve this purpose.

Is it possible to see side effects despite using natural products?

It's definitely possible. Dosage and formulation are very important. First of all, the product used must be correctly dosed with the correct formulation. It is absolutely essential that the base, essential oils and hydrolates used are natural, organic, free of additives, and in the correct chemotype. If the product is formulated correctly, the risk of side effects is reduced, but not completely eliminated. Today, because our lifestyles are not very natural and we are exposed to toxic agents a lot in our lives, our bodies have become more allergic. Sometimes, we may consider the first reactions of our skin and body as allergies, but in fact, a process may have begun regarding the body's acceptance of the product as an effect of the therapeutic feature of the product. Of course, we attach great importance to comfort, but first of all, we attach importance to treatment and improvement. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish them and make a correct determination.

Can we achieve permanent solutions on our skin with simple formulas?

Of course we can. Since each body is unique, the individual's needs and continuity are very important here. The right essential oils used in aromatherapy are the essence of the essence. It is also very valuable for the correct formulation in fixed, carrier oils and hydrolates obtained by the right methods. This is so precious and effective that we don't need much else anyway. This is Anda's philosophy. Best - Minimum. Therefore, our product range is small and concise. Persistence in this matter depends on the person's continuous use of the right product. The real product already feels good, the real product is already natural and it is right to activate one's own nature in the best way.

Which ANDA Heal product you use the most?

All ANDA Heal products are always with us in every aspect of our lives. They are all fixtures of me and our house. I start the day with a tongue scraper, after oil pulling, I brush my teeth with the tooth and then continue with a horsehair brush before showering. After the shower, I alternately apply the cream / immortelle cream to my skin. The deo is already our savior, life would be very difficult without our solid deodorant Rollers and the handy are with me all day, in the hustle and bustle of the day. Rollers and the handy one set at home, one set in my bag all the time. At home, when I start the day in the morning and when I need energy during the day, the focus roller is next to my laptop and the relax roller is by my bedside. In fact, we formulated The Handy before the pandemic, so that it should always be in our bag, be a safe, chemical-free, hand sanitizer that we can carry with us at the park, on the street, in our workplaces, on our travels, and at the same time, it should be a hand sanitizer that moisturizes our hands at the same time, and at the same time, a few sprays in the air whenever we want. Let's do it and clean our energy, help clean the air of our environment, even spray our pillows - our quilts, clean up mites, clean our overlooked but very important toothbrushes in the safest way, we wanted it to be a safe disinfectant for surfaces when we wanted it, but when we designed it, we wanted children the most. We thought obviously. We wanted to protect their delicate skin in the best possible way. We did not know that this issue would gain so much importance with the pandemic, but we cared about chemical-free hand cleaning. When I go to bed at night, I finish with the guasha massage with the serum and fall asleep on our silk pillowcase. Therefore, all Anda products are with me constantly and a lot, but I guess I can say that the handy is always at hand since we all have hand disinfection that we all repeat these days.

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