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Why should we change some of our habits to reach the best of ourselves? How can we do this? Is there a relationship between eating and drinking and our feelings and thoughts? Where did we start with Be People, where are we going... Damla Kürklü, Founder of Be People, explains.

How did you decide you wanted to eat healthy?

When I discovered the connection between what I ate and what I felt, I believe I started to experience an irreversible change. Also, discovering that my gluten intolerance was the cause of my autoimmune disorders, up to Hashimoto's disease, made me do more research on this subject every day.

Why do you think many people have a hard time living healthy and can't give up on their habits?

I think there is a lack of information. Some of the deficiencies in our culture also support this process. It is not in our DNA to do sports every day and research everything we consume. These are the things we learn later.

What is Be People and how does it work?

Be People “cleanliving” is a holistic platform that publishes research and experiences on clean/healthy living. In doing so, it brings together people working in this field, shares inspiring recipes and stories, and brings the right products to people in need.

Why do you think people need to be healthy more than ever?

Technology and all that is toxic has made people more and more unhappy, including thought. We stayed away from many meditative channels in nature, and every economic, political and social event we experienced caused us to accumulate even more toxins. But most importantly, the seeds, hormones and additives in the foods we eat every day and we do not know where they come from became the enemies of our body, which disrupted our entire physical and spiritual balance.

What will Be People offer its customers? What will it help with?

Be People is a platform we have established to raise awareness of people, to pursue what we are curious about, to research, try and share our experiences. The first condition of being a healthy individual and society is what we eat. We need to share what we know in order to be informed about this subject because this subject is literally a bottomless pit.

Where do you think Turkish people make the biggest mistake about their health?

They do not recognize themselves. Every person's body structure is as different as a fingerprint. What is good for you may not be good for someone else. Or a very simple mistake you have made may be the trigger of an illness you have been exposed to for years. So my advice is to learn about your food intolerances, listen to yourself and be your own doctor. Research, wonder, ask, question and try to establish an order that will not consume things that you do not know where they come from.

What kind of change do you aim Be People to create in people?

The more people we mediate to raise awareness or do something about it, the more people we bring together, the more we complete our mission. It is our greatest desire to stay together, share and support each other in every matter that will make us better individuals.

How do you think people will eat and what will they do 20 years from now?

In 20 years, people will be much more conscious of consuming additive-free natural products, while using technology better to know what the body needs.

Do you have a routine or habit that you strictly follow to be healthy during the day?

I cut out processed sugar and flour from my life. When I wake up in the morning, I make sure to drink hot water with lemon and take enough probiotics every day. It means a perfect day if I do not neglect meditation, yoga and sports.

What is the first rule of healthy eating?

Eliminate sugar and any processed foods from your life.

What are the products you never put in your kitchen and why?

Sugar and gluten. Sugar is a terribly harmful thing that upsets the entire balance of the body. Packaged foods are also off my shopping list.

What do you base your recipes on at Be People?

Be People is a platform where there are not one but many people. We can publish any recipe that we love, that supports 'clean living'.

What do you think we will be eating in the future, which unexpected product will be the most nutritious?

I support the phrase “Future is vegan”. I think the future is definitely vegan. Considering that 250 gallons of water is used to produce the meat in a hamburger, it is impossible for the world to make meat production sustainable in any way, let alone hormone meat. I think we will hear more about root vegetables and new recipes made from them in the near future.

Where would you like to see Be People in the future?

It is my biggest dream to be an international platform and to have stores selling products produced in these lands abroad that support this issue.

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