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"Yoga; A Time I Reserved for Myself and Isolation from Everything.”

Edwina Sponza, the founder of the concept store Jaune Istanbul, named after her favorite color yellow, in French. We talked about her store Jaune, style and yoga.

How do you express your personal style? Which word best describes your style?

I think "plain" word describes my style the most.

What is the connection between your style and your lifestyle?

My lifestyle is more comfortable. Since I usually do sports and yoga in my daily life, this is reflected in my dressing style and style.

At Jaune Istanbul, you include art as well as fashion, jewellery, textiles and decoration. What kind of relationship do you have with art?

Art is an important part of my life. I buy small works of my own and keep these works for my children. I generally like to follow and support artists from Turkey. I definitely go to newly opened exhibitions with my children, I try to instill a love of art in my children.

Jaune means "yellow" in French. What does yellow mean to you?

I like the lighter shades of yellow. Yellow reminds me of summer, warmth and friendliness.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a perfume? Which scents appeal to both your personality and style?

I don't like too many floral, sweet scents. I have been using the same perfume for years; Miller&Harris Fig fragrance in winter and Jasmine fragrance of the bear brand in summer.

What do you think of yoga clothes? What are the similarities with your own style?

I think a yoga suit is an outfit that you can wear all day and use in the evening with a sweater or a sports jacket. We made simple pieces for Jaune that everyone should have in their closet and we love it. We used simpler colors so that they can be used everywhere during the day, not just while doing yoga.

What is the place of yoga in your life? Where do you place yoga in your daily life?

Yoga; It's a time I set aside for myself and isolate myself from everything. It is a healing practice that is good for both my body and my mind.

How would you describe what yoga has taught you and the changes it has made in your life?

Yoga taught me mindfulness. It really made me breathe and get inside; taught me to be more disciplined.

We see that yoga is becoming more and more popular. What do you think makes yoga valuable for our time and society?

We are going through such difficult times... All the teachings of yoga tell you awareness, the importance of the "moment" and guide you. In such a period, I think what we need the most is to stay calm and trust… I think yoga is one of the practices that best teaches this.

Who are the names that you like and inspire as a designer in Turkey?

Among the designers I like, I can list names and brands such as Zeynep Arcay, Manoka, Zeynep Koç, Güneş Mutlu, E Lei Official, The Nino, Peracas and Lug Von Siga.

Edwina Sponza - Founder of Jaune Istanbul

Edwina Sponza, who came to Istanbul from Izmir for her university education and graduated from Boğaziçi University, worked on customer relations in the advertising industry for many years. Later, Sponza opened a store in Bebek with Aslı Bayraktaroğlu under the name Jaune İstanbul; He is also a yoga instructor at Yogaşala.

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