Cornette Nutmeg Cushion

1,400 TL

St.Pia Cornette Cushion; A versatile cushion perfect for dogs and cats. It has been meticulously designed with comfort and space in mind, to easily fit into any interior. You can tie the pillow at the sides for a neat and structured look, or leave it down for a wider and more comfortable rest.

Linen and cotton blend. It hides stains thanks to its special texture. The filling material is hypoallergenic for both the safety and comfort of your furry friend. The covers can be removed for easy machine washing of the cushion. With its plain, beige color, it fits comfortably in your home decoration. The cushion is available in small and large size options.

Small size 103 x 80 cm
Medium size 118 x 95 cm
Large size 135 x 108 cm

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