Jumbo Original Coconut Bowl

110 TL

100% natural, reusable jumbo sized coconut bowl. Coconut bowls, a gift of nature, are made from real coconuts. The cut coconut shells are sanded, cleaned and polished with organic coconut oil. No artificial adhesive or lacquer is used in its production. Handmade and eco-friendly. Safe for food.

It is recommended to hand wash your bowl in hot soapy water after each use. Not suitable for use in oven and microwave. It is not recommended to store in refrigerators and freezers. For long-lasting use, you can lubricate the inner and outer surfaces with coconut oil every 10-15 uses.

Each coconut bowl is unique with its own shape, size, color and texture. Supplied with a carrying pouch made of raw cloth. Average 16 cm in diameter, 8 cm in depth. The bowl volume is 800 ml.

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