Better Together Wooden Gift Box

1,100 TL

Set consisting of the small size of the five candles in the collection. Handmade special products with 100% natural soy and high-level essences are produced from cotton wick.

In order not to shorten the life of your candles when you first light them, let them burn for 2-3 hours until the entire surface becomes liquid. You can renew your candles when the length of your candles is 1-1.5 cm.

It is sent with the description card and special boxes.

No.1 French Vanilla: Oriental, gourmet.
No.2 Red Iris: Floral, powdery.
No.3 Spicy Mimosa: Floral, powdery.
No.4 White Patchouli: Woody, amber.
No.5 Moroccan Leather: Floral, leather.

160 g each.

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