Somatic Breath Meditation with Natalie Garih

600 TL

Natalie Garih, the founder of Smarana Healing and also a Somatic Pranayama Breath Meditation and Access Bar Practitioner, Reiki Master and Yoga Instructor, aims to shed light on the people she works with so that they can decipher the messages about their own bodies and return to their essence and true selves. Garih practices somatic practices, embodiment, breathing meditation, somatic body-mapping, restorative yoga poses, and Reiki accompaniment. 

Garih summarizes some of the issues she prioritized in his work as "What your mind forgets, your body remembers. You need to work with your body to access and release what your mind represses. We live in a world where we numb the chaos inside us. When we look deeply, chronic pain and psychosomatic diseases are our body's calls for help."

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