Hurom HA-A Alpha Classic Series Juicer

10,500 TL

Slow Squeeze Technology gently squeezes fresh fruits and vegetables at high pressure. With its patented smart screw technology, it rotates very slowly, imitating human chewing. This advanced juicing technique combines juicing, filtering and blending functions to produce high quality juices. Hurom slow juicers are designed to preserve the nutritional value, flavor and aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables, to minimize oxidation and to eliminate nutrient loss caused by the heat generated by the engine of standard juicers.

In addition to the fruit and vegetable juicer with a fine strainer, it has a smoothie attachment with a thick strainer and an ice cream attachment. It can juice all fruits and vegetables and can be used to obtain milk from raw nuts. Ideal for preparing smoothies, cold soups, food, porridge, sauces, ice cream and sorbet. The chamber capacity is 500 ml.

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