Hurom H200 Easy Series Juicer

13,275 TL 16,500 TL

Slow Squeeze Technology gently squeezes fresh fruits and vegetables at high pressure. With its patented smart screw technology, it rotates very slowly, imitating human chewing. This advanced juicing technique combines juicing, filtering and blending functions to produce high quality juices. Hurom slow juicers are designed to preserve the nutritional value, flavor and aroma of fresh fruits and vegetables, to minimize oxidation and to eliminate nutrient loss caused by the heat generated by the engine of standard juicers.

With the giant feeding mouth, you can throw all the material (approximately 2 kg) into the hopper at once. With the plug-in column strainer system, it takes very little time to clean, unlike perforated strainers. Ideal for preparing smoothies, food, porridge and sauces. Suitable for home and cafe use. The chamber capacity is 350 ml.

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