Chakra Stone Set

400 TL

A set of stones that help your energy flow by supporting energy connections called chakras. The set includes seven stones that help unblock the chakras and balance the chakras with the different and healing vibrations it emits. With natural stone therapy, you can meditate by placing the stone you want on your chakra or on your palm, and place it in a corner of your home. 

You can work with each stone in the set by learning which stone opens which chakra the most:

1. threeAccra - root chakra - snowflake obsidian (black snowflake obsidian)
2. threeAccra - sacral chakra - red jasper (jade)
3. threeAccra - solar plexus chakra - citrine (citrine)
4. threeAccra - heart chakra - rose quartz (pink quartz)
5. threeAccra - throat chakra - lapis lazuli (lapis)
6. threeAccra -3. eyelash chakra - purple amethyst 
7. threeAccra - crown chakra - clear quartz (crystal quartz)

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